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Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Right now, Europe and the Southern Mediterranean region are going through a lot of socio-political changes. Youth and women in particular have been playing a proactive role in these ongoing changes. Young women leaders are strategic agents in the change process happening at times of transition in the MENA Region. However, there is a lot to be done to promote active women citizenship and engagement in the public life. Women in the MENA Region are still facing a lot of challenges to gain their socio-political rights. Similarly, women in Europe are also facing a number of challenges, perhaps not as many as the Arab women. But, there is an agreement that a lot is to be done on the level of women activism in the Euro-Med. Together with partners from Egypt, Tunisia and Italy, Fryshuset would like to organize a seminar called WoMidan that will bring together more than 30 young participants from 11 Euro-Med countries in Stockholm to debate with decision makers about the role of youth and women activism with regards to what is happening in the Euro-Med region. The project leader is Stiftelsen KFUM Söder Fryshuset (Fryshuset) and the partners are Agora for Arts and Culture (Egypt), cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei paesi Emergenti - COSPE (Italy) and Club Unesco Alecso Bardo – CAUB (Tunisia). The overall objective of the project is to create a dialogue platform for youth from Europe and MENA region to raise awareness about women activism and the socio-political changes happening in the Euro-Med Region at large. Also, this dialogue platform will engage both youth and decision makers from Europe. The specific objectives include: first, sharing experiences between the young participants by raising awareness about the socio-political changes in Europe and the Arab world, especially on the role of women; second, networking through building an informal network of young activists concerned with social change and women active citizenship; third, evaluation and learning through exchange views on what went right and what went wrong in the revolutionary activism path, especially with regards to the involvement of women; fourth, advocacy by engaging the youth in debates and dialogue with decision makers to debate about the current socio-political crises and women's role in Europe and the Arab world; last but not least, establishing a dialogue platform for young activists to meet and exchange with decision makers. Also, young activists will speak about their stories and how women are playing a crucial role in socio-political changes happening nowadays. The target group includes: young activists from both genders who took part in the socio-political changes in the target countries. The participants need to have the profile of civic activism whether by being members of political parties/movements, social movements, artists, civil society, independent intellectuals, decision makers, influential figures, experts in structured dialogue meetings. Participants aged between 20 and 30 from Sweden, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Ukraine, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Turkey will be invited to take part in the seminar in Stockholm. Minimum number of young participants involved is 30. This structured dialogue project will take the form of a seminar and public event. The events organized in the framework of this project seek to promote the active participation of youth in democratic life and interaction with decision-makers. As a concrete result of these events, European young people are able to make their voice heard and exchange experiences, good practices and peer reviews with their counterparts from the target Arab countries. The seminar will include workshops on storytelling (stories from Midan - Square). Participants will share their experiences together about their activism in the "Square", the place that has become a unifying space or spirit for youth in Europe and the Arab countries. From Tahrir in Egypt to Syntagma in Greece. From Taksim in Turkey to Midan in Ukraine. From Bourguiba in Tunis to La Puerta del Sol in Spain. Youth in Europe and the Arab world are sharing the idea of the "square". By doing so, they have taken intercultural dialogue to another level away from the traditional one on hijab, cartoons, etc. Experts on women activism especially during transitional times will be invited as resource persons to share their expertise with the participants. These experts could be from Sweden and the partner countries. At the end of the seminar, one public event will be organized including: - a music concert by a Swedish female artist from Egyptian-Iraqi origins (Tarabband). - a photo exhibition with photos depicting women activism in the target countries. Copyrights reserved. - a TEDX-like show where young participants in the project will share their stories from Midan with the public and decision makers attending the event. The project is scheduled to start in April 2015 and will run until December 2016.

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