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Women Overcoming the World
Start date: May 18, 2016, End date: Jan 17, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

WOW – Women Overcoming the World is a youth mobility project that will take place in Andrano, a village in the South of the Apulia Region. The activities will be implemented from 21st to 28 September 2016. The project will involve a platform of 48 young people (aged 18-25 years old), members of youth organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Spain.The project’s idea come from the need of the involved NGOs to fight discrimination and violence against women within their local communities (offline) and within the wider society (online and on media), which is continuosly arising, despite the great institutional efforts. All the involved stakeholders agreed with the urgency to educate young people to a more inclusive society based on the equal access for women to society. Moreover, the project’s promoters are strongly motivated to think that, together with Institutional efforts, youth work, non-formal learning activities and volunteering can significantly contribute to produce positive and cultural change for promoting equal opportunities for young people facing gender discrimination.WOW’ successful stories, together with its results, will be shared and spread all over the network as an example and a best practice in the field, to be replicated in different context ad a model for promting gender equality.Through the sharing, monitoring, analyzing, evaluting experiences, knowledge and best practices, the project is going to deal with the new trend of the intercultural approach. Thus, the project will focus on new ways of young people best involvement in youth projects, educating them to a stronger sense of active citizenship.WOW objectives:- to enhance the value of differences and cultures through team building effect and through the construction of intercultural dialogue;- to promote Non Formal Education and Participatory Approach as a powerful method for improving ourselves and the society;- to stimulate creativity and talents of young people involved, allowing them able to use them concretely as tools for changing theirselves and their societies );- provide young people with information, knowledge and tools for fighting gender discrimination and violence, through an empathetic and experiential approach;- provide media literacy and proper digital education for youngsters as tool for producing positive change in the society, through the creation of media-campaign and equipping them with a wider knowldege on Hate Speech;- settle a campaign offline (flashmob) and online (viral spot) for the promotion of positive image of women on media.The methodologies used for WOW meet the requirements of the non-formal learning: the young participants are going to know the work of the local realities involved in the defense and protection of women, in the fight against gender discrimination and violence and in social media campaigning. Icebreaking, team building and problem solving activities with related de-briefing, daily evaluation moments will be the centre of the exchange that will result as a constructive know-how sharing. Finally, thanks to the realization of viral videos for the transfer of intercultural value, the participants will be involved in a transfer process of knowledge by the peer communication. The youngsters will became protagonists and messengers of Europe in a small reality, far from the main circuits, where people have different conceptions of their role in the society.
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