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Women in society
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project 'Women in society' is a Transnational Youth Initiative. There will be 24 particpants aged 16-18 (12 women and 12 men), 8 from Douzelage Association in Chojna (Poland), 8 from Town Twinning Association from Koszeg (Hungary), 8 from Konya (Turkey) plus 1 coach per each partner organisation. The idea of the project appeared among young people who were interested in the situation of young women in their local areas, their lack of involvement in citizenship issues and the problems they face. In the project activities partner groups would like to investigate deeper the role of women on local levels in Chojna, Konya and Koszeg as well as on national levels. The aims of the project will also be encouraging the discussion on changing role of women in the contemporary world, motivating girls and young women to take active part in the life of local communities, fighting false stereotypes concerning professional women, promoting successful women from local communities and disseminating positive solutions to women's problems.Members of project partner groups will take part in activities about cultural diversity partner countries, workshops which will enable them to prepare questionnaires, analysing their results, making interviews and the rules concerning protection of personal data. Project groups will prepare together three questionnaires. The first one will be aimed at the oldest inhabitants of Chojna, Konya and Koszeg (70+), the second will be for pupils from primary schools, aged 9-11, the third one - for teenagers aged 16-19. The questionnaires will include issues like the role of women in the past, contemporary families, professional and family life of women. In each age group the questionnaires will be filled in by 50 persons in each town, 450 persons altogether. The reports will be written based on the results of the research.There will be the research on women unemployment rate in project partner towns. Project participants will conduct interviews in local police stations to find out about the violence towards women. After that the social services will be asked about the help which can be given to the victims. The number of women in local and regional councils in project towns and regions will be checked as well as the women in top positions in local business and public institutions. The results will be analysed, compared and the reports and presentations based on findings done. Current project activities will be described on the project website.There will be two meetings with successful women in Koszeg, Konya and Chojna, project participants from each town will conduct three interviews with successful women. The interviews will be published on the project website. There will be photo exhibitions of successful women from project towns. They will be exhibited as a whole in every partner town. Another project activity will be meetings with towns councillors and mayors. During those events project participants will present project activities, its results and findings and recommendations of future actions which can be implemented by town authorities in order to improve the situation. In Transnational Youth Initiative 'Women in society' the participants will use non formal methods of education such as workshops, discussions, meetings, interviews, 'brain storms'. Project participants will prepare power point presentations, materials for media, questionnaires for project surveys and for project evaluation.During the project its participants will learn from each other how to acquire knowledge and new skills.There will be several results of the project: photo exhibitions, a project website, analysis of surveys and interviews, newsletter, reports and power point presentations, new skills and competences in the area of preparing survey questionnaires, analysing survey results, conducting interviews and personal data protection. 'Women in society' project will encourage discussion about changing role of women in contemporary world, motivate girls and young women to take active part in the life of local communities, fight false stereotypes and promote successful women. Recommendations prepared by project participants for town authorities will secure sustainability of the project..
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