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Women are from Venus and men are from Mars?
Start date: Oct 15, 2014, End date: Jun 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Women are from Venus and men are from Mars?" is realized in the context of equality, a theme that is present in all areas of life and affects everyone. Equality as a matter that is embedded in the context of human rights. Equal participation of women and men in all spheres of life is extremely important for the quality of democratic process and for the development of the world. The goals of the project are: *to broaden understanding of the gender equlaity and tolerance issues by comparing experiences and opinions between people from different parts of Europe and with the use of different media *to exchange experience, share approaches and opinions from different countries and ability to draw conclusions, lessons learnt and inspiration to furter initatives *to actively participate in everyday life and society of the project country, realizing specific tasks as well as observing and directly being involved with local people will allow to understand better the background of the issue of cultural diversity. Two volunteers from Romania and Spain in the age of 25 and 29, interested in the project theme, equality and gender take part in this project. They see the project as an opportunity to develop their competences in order to increase the possibility of quality employment in the European labour market. It is also a chance for them to acquire new international experience and possibility of personal growth. The main activity of the project is long - term EVS project, hosting two volunteers in the association. The activity lasts for 8 moths, from 15 October 2014 to 15th June 2015. The project is completely based on the nonformal and informal education. The activities planned for volunteers will be in relation with the current activities realized by the organization, volunteers will also have the opportunity to develop their own project, based on their idea. Volunteers will be cooperating with in terms of social journalism, supporting current small and large - scale events (i.e Łódź Congress of Women, Open Festival of Active Women, conferences, seminars), organizing cultrural evenings, running workshops for young people, assisting with implementation of other EC funded projects as well as each of them will develop their own project (film or other media-related, literature oriented, artistic, in the theme of gender, multicultural diversity, human rights or tolerance). Planned results of the project include: increasing the knowledge on gender and equality issues, information how gender influence life devisions, development of communication and organizational skills, journalist skills (including social journalism and social photography), knowledge on european projects,, event promotion, ability to use simple graphic programs to produce promotional materials. Thanks to the possibility of developing their own project, volunteers will develop their creativity, entrepreneurship attitude and responsibility for their own actions. The impact on the volunteers will include increased awareness on the theme of the project and awareness of themselves., increased European identity, understanding cultural differences as well as development of ability to work in multicultural team. We believe that this impact wiil be long - lasting and will benefit all partners, organizations, volunteers and local communities involved. views these impacts as sustainable, that will continue to benefit all involved parties well into the future. Volunteers will be able to draw from their experiences as a source of guidance and inspiration for many years to come. By becoming civically responsible at a young age, we expect the volunteers to internalize and display the sense of accomplishment they making meaningful contributions to society. In combination with the skills and experience they will gain from this EVS project, the efficacy they develop will endure, and reflect in their future careers; perhaps even inspiring these youth to strive for an occupation with the social or EU/EC youth field.

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