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"Wolontariusze bez granic"- działania prowadzone przez wolontariuszy europejskich na rzecz dzieci z rodzin dysfunkcyjnych uczęszczających do świetlic socjoterapeutycznych ELEOS.
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Eleos Orthodox Charity Center has 5 psychotherapeutic kids clubs in Białystok and one in a small town called Supraśl. According to our counts, total sum of children attending our kids’ club is close to 120, from age 6 up to 15 years old, mainly from dysfunctional families. The long-term and multi-functional work with these families aims to prevent them from social exclusion and to bring them to conscious thought and action. Being aware of the domestic situation teachers systematically work with these children aimed to change their way of thinking about the world and about themselves. But it is a long process that requires combination of self-motivation, usage of new tools, means and good experiences. We believe that being in contact with the young people from European Countries may be a crucial point for our children that will bring them to the idea that they may bring changes in their lives. It will allow them to discover different values of different lifestyles and to get to know different ways of behavior. Children’s communication with foreign volunteers may become for them the starting point in the path of making their dreams come true and reaching their goals regardless to the situation that they face in their families and at homes. This communication may also be indirect motion not to repeat the mistakes of their parents and not to join the group of people that are at risk of social exclusion. For reaching this goal six people will be invited from six European Union countries. The chosen volunteers should have the characteristic lines of tolerance, empathy, patience and understanding. Great importance is given to their involvement in the activities running in kids’ clubs, involvement in decision-making processes, flexibility and creativity. We hope that our volunteers will have the attitude to demonstrate their communication skills and team work. Firstly, we would like to invite a volunteer who already has the experience and opportunity to work with the target group (summer or winter camps, festivals, sport event…) Our project includes two main objectives. The first is to give chance to volunteers to gain pedagogical skills and demonstrate skills that they already have in working with children from dysfunctional families that are at risk of social exclusion. The second is to help volunteers to gain the requirements that are needed and mandatory in today’s European Labor market. We would like to achieve these goals by encouraging volunteers to carry out activities that will fit with their filed of interests and they will also be given an open space for working (theater workshops, photograph, art, dance, circus arts or sports). Creation of the action-plan will depend on the volunteer and should be in accordance with his/her interests, knowledge and skills. As a result of cooperation between children and volunteer and of the workshops hold by volunteer, an event (that may have the form of an exhibition, sports game, performance) will be organized. Young Europeans will also work as a team in the implementation of thematic workshops in the frames of intercultural education. In addition, we will encourage volunteers to support children to prepare a theatrical performance, to make a video and also to help children to create a photo exhibition from photographs taken during the time spent together. In all the kids’ clubs high involvement will be required from young Europeans in assistance of organizing and managing winter and summer holidays. During these trips, each volunteer will be responsible to carry out a series of workshops for a target group, and to support teachers in activities (both educational and not) carried out during the whole stay on camps. A separate and special place is given to the assistance of volunteers’ work in the frames of Eleos ecumenical charity campaign carried out in cooperation with other charity organizations and the authorities of Bialystok. Realization of this project will have a significant impact on the local community, which is more likely to face with the reality of racism, intolerance attitude and xenophobia. The opportunity to meet people from other cultures will allow them to broaden the horizons of their worldview and will give them a chance to act with an attitude full of respect and understanding towards diversity. Our activities will also improve the qualifications’ quality of young people that face with the lack of employment in the European labor market. For young people it will serve as an open space of opportunities to train, develop and improve their competences, skills and knowledge and to gain new experience. All these elements are often the key factors that define the work Young Europeans will be encouraged to build their own reality that is not dependent on the surrounding environment to be more mobile and flexible for changes and thus be more attractive for employers in their home countries and throughout the all Europe.
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