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Wolontariat inspiruje do działania
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Voluntary service inspires to action" has been planned for the period August 1, 2015 - March 1, 2017. During this time we will host three volunteers: Marit from Germany, Zhanna from Ukraine and Hannah from Belgium (Flemish region). The girls will work together for the benefit of our local community, primarily by sharing knowledge about other cultures with young people and teaching them to respect diversity, helping them to understand the mechanisms of function of intercultural society and an importance of learning foreign languages. Volunteers will also promote the idea of EVS and encourage young people to engage in their own local and international projects. We believe that the presence of foreign volunteers in our project will inspire young people we deal with to take unconventional steps regarding their own path of development, gaining new skills and competences. It is so important for us because the recipients of the project are children and young people from rural areas, most of them have no the opportunities that their peers from cities have, they are from families that face the financial problems, from incomplete families – for many of them this project is the only opportunity to meet with other cultures. Volunteers chosen for this project are 19-23 years old, they come from different countries. Most of them are people with fewer opportunities who face economic obstacles (lack of jobs, poor financial situation resulting from the political situation) and geographic ones (come from smaller towns). The tasks of the volunteers are divided. Hannah will be mainly related to intercultural exchange program for high school students. She will be involved in conducting seminars for young people from Poland and abroad, in work with documents relating to the exchange projects; she will help to design promotional materials, organize meetings in schools. Marit and Zhanna will be involved in after-school activities that we organize for children and youth from Piekary. They will assist teachers during art classes, ceramics classes, dance classes. They will also conduct their own language classes for children and adolescents (Marit - German, Zhanna - English). During the school holidays the girls will be involved in winter/summer camps for children with extracurricular activities. In addition, both of them will help us in the office: Marit at numerous Polish-German exchanges we plan, organize and implement during the whole year, Zhanna at projects for young people held in English. All volunteers will participate in meetings with young people, promoting EVS and encouraging young people to learn about other cultures, learn languages, acquire new competencies raising their professional qualifications. These meetings will be organized at CERN 2000, where volunteers will work every day, and in the schools we cooperate with (throughout the country). In addition, they will run classes of intercultural education for primary school children in Mariówce to show them how linguistically and culturally diverse is Europe. Regarding the volunteers, participation in our project will give them: the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, life experience that will have influence on their future development (individual and professional), the ability to use different means of communication, teamwork, time management skills, problem-solving skills, language skills (including learning a new language), intercultural communication skills, ability to look at things from different points of view. As a potential long-term benefits we have in mind: promotion of EVS project among young people with fewer opportunities, showing them the opportunities for development, the involvement of volunteers in the activities of sending organizations – they will be able to become specific experts on volunteer projects in our organization and assist the next generation of volunteers in their preparations for volunteering, the partnership between the organizations involved in the project will be strengthened, as a result of it the new EVS projects and international exchange projects for young people will be organized in the future.

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