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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

During preparation of this project, we made an assumption that its main goal will be acquiring new professional, language and personal development qualifications by the participants through competing abroad internships. Development of those new skills is planned to fit the expectations of local and regional business. It should be emphasized that the project goals are consistent with the aims of the Erasmus +: - Contribution to raising the level of key competencies and skills fitting the needs of labor market; - Contribution to improvement of language skills also to promote linguistic and cultural diversity in the EU; - Expansion of international dimension of training and education. The project participants will be 48 students of technical secondary school (from 2nd to 4th year) of specializations: informatics technology technician, car mechanics technician and hairdressing technician (all of them are learning English at school). After completing the traineeship preparation course interns – divided into four groups – will go for a three-week long internships uphold in various types and sizes of businesses in Italy. The project will be continued for two years. In the 2015/2016 school year, two groups (each group of 12 trainees and 1 guardian) will leave for internship. Equally big groups will leave for internship in the 2016/17 school year. After completion of the internship and returning to school, participants will fill on - line reports in the informatics system, create presentations outlining their participation in the project, prepare exhibition of photographs taken during internships and other materials to disseminate the results. After taking part in summary conference, students will compete their participation in the project. Long after ending of the project, participants will be experiencing its positive effect on their professional and personal live. Main hard results of the project are: - Receiving by the participants certificate of language course completion confirming new language skills; - Receiving by the participants internship preparation course certificate confirmed by the school; - Receiving by the participants an internship certificate, issued by the project partner; - Receiving by the project participants Europass Mobility documents; Main soft results are: - Gaining new knowledge and skills, increasing participants chances on the labor market; - Learning new language; - Acquiring ability to work in international environment communicating in foreign language; - Increase of participants professional and personal aspirations; - Knowledge of the history, culture and customs of host country; - Developing participants tolerance for different customs and behaviors; During the project "hard" material products will be created: - A collection of photographs taken by participants during internship and other stages of the project; - Presentations outlining the project from different perspectives; - Materials gathered thorough evaluation of the project, and used for the planning and implementation of similar projects in the future. We will implement methodology developed during previous project, based on few basic rules. From first (creating of the project aims) to the last stage (dissemination and closing of the project), project documentation will be collected and the project employees will have clearly defined responsibilities. Abroad internships are a great opportunity to develop participants independence, help to improve their self-esteem, strengthen confidence and contribute to their personal development. Experience of working abroad, often in multinational team, will allow students to get to know and understand the value of cultural diversity in Europe. When other students from our school will notice project participant development of skills and attitudes, it should encourage them to increase and broaden their skills, gain work experience so valued during education. The partner of the project will expand knowledge and skills, gain new experiences useful in development of international business. School and partner employees working on the project will get to know people raised in a different cultures, which will increase their sensitivity to issues of intercultural dialogue, diversity of customs and behaviors in other European countries. Implementation of the entire project allows ZSZ No. 1 in Bychawa (as organizing institution) to gain experience in international cooperation, increase schools prestige and popularity among young people, which should improve in students recruitment.

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