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With school to an intended career

According to the changing labour-world we want to review and define standards in the preparation of pupils for their future jobs. Young people should be enabled to develop all their qualities and preferences in their education. 1) We have to invest and then improve the existing realities in education and preparation in each partner-school, trying to adapt good ideas of the other ones: contents and organisation of the schedules/working plans/methodology/didactics/ teaching materials/capacity...2)elaboration of a common minimum standard (according to national laws and limitations)between the participating partners3)presentation and exchange of existing and planned activities how to improve the school system4)implementation of ICT (etwinning, moodle, platforms, chat...) in the classrooms and project activities, thereby connecting pupils of different countries and background, using presentation-technologies, exchanging information via internet and platforms, improving language and understanding cultural backgrounds.5)Presenting own ideas and improvements via discussions, project-documentations, videos, chats: internet conferences, CDs, DVDs 6) participation and guided involvement of children with special needs, deficiencies, migratory background.
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