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Wildlife Protection
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Natural habitats are in danger all over the world: not surprisingly according to recent studies the percentage of anthropized territory raises up to 96%, as human presence is spread all over the Earth.This project was conceived bearing in mind the current threats to the valuable biodiversity and habitats with rare and exotic flora and fauna to be found in Europe too.The project “Wildlife Protection” is a Youth Exchange to be held in Ventotene the first week of October.The choice of this island is crucial as this location features a well-preserved marine reserve with untouched mediterranean flora and fauna, involving youngsters from Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania and Turkey, countries with a relevant biodiversity.Participants involved will be youngsters from 18 to 29 accompanied by a youth leader per national group aged 18 to 45; participants selected are people interested into the topic, willing to learn more about possible ways to support wildlife preservation in their own communities and to develop their personal and professional skills related to environmental protection.Being an introductory activity, participants will get to learn about the main elements related to ecology, climate change and environment protection, while sharing the status of natural threats to their local habitats in their home countries. For each threat identified, a positive example or solution will be given, so that youngsters involved can see the resilient power inside everyone of us, since even the proactive attitude of a single person can make the difference.Going to the core elements of the training, participants will explore the way natural reserves work, preserving unique habitats and biomes with related flora and fauna while promoting them to the local communities. Hints about agriculture 2.0 (opposed to the traditional image of farmers as uneducated poor villains), that is agribusiness, will also be given, to explore the job opportunities to be found in the sector. Brainstorming and describing with theatre and silent statues will help to focus onto the main themes identified and to jointly find connections among youth workers local activities and natural promotion, so that they can develop a cohesive and shared strategy to work around the main issues of natural habitat destruction.Educational sessions will be based on roleplays, silent statues, fishbowl discussions, sociometries, kinesthetic activities and similar elements following the principles of Non formal education and fostering participants involvement and reflection over the topics discussed, so that they can learn responsibly and autonomously with proper critical spirit.At the end of the project we expect participants to be able to identify the needs of their local habitats, the threats posed to them and autonomously find out about initiatives and possibilities to support wildlife protection and, in case of need, lobby for its preservation. We will metaphorically pass the baton to the project partners to ideally have them continue with follow-up activities where participants will be able to further explore other elements of wildlife protection and sustainability and improve themselves both personally and professionally.
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