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WIELE ZAWODÓW - WIELE MOŻLIWOŚCI - w mobilności edukacyjnej uczniów Technikum w Radomiu ZDZ.
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is dedicated to students of Technical School in the following profile: logistic, IT technician, hairdressing technician and feeding and catering services technician. The applying institution in this project is Non - public Technical School in Radom and the Partners in its realization are: British institution TRAINING VISION LTD which is a member of ETN Group and Spanish institution EUROPA: MOVILIDAD ESTUDIANTIL. Both organizations have experiences in organizing this type of undertaking. The plan assumes sending two groups of sixteen students for three-weeks long internship under the care and control of two teachers to Portsmouth in Great Britain in April 2016 and to Valency in Spain in October 2016The main aim of this project is developing and getting new professional abilities by the participants of the internship on the basis of european standards being applicable in European countries. Taking part in realization of this project enables students to familiarize with new technologies, techniques and methods of worikng and tools used in British and Spanish workplacements. Another aim of this project is to encourage students to acquiring and developing new high-standards abillities and competences. Thanks to that, they will be able to expoilt the possessed knowledge and professional skills in wider and fuller way. For the development of Polish and European economy it is important that young people could start planning their own path of career at the stage of secondary school in order to gain transnational dimension. In the way that they would enhance their chances for the employment and could develop intelectually. Giving students the opportunity to get aquained with different technologies, techniques and comparing them to the Polish one is also a method for raising the level of trainees' knowledge and preparing for professional practising adopted to European Union requirements. Moreover, getting to know the culture and history of the host country is an important aspect of the internship. It allows to develop cross - cultural competences. Due to the versality of English Language pupils are able to improve its usage especially in everyday life vocabulary as well as in professional terminology during the stay in Valency. What is more students will be encouraged to study foreign language on the return to Poland. Thanks to the integration of different professions students will gain the ability to cooperate not only among their own occupational groups but also they will strengthen the respect for other professions. Another aim of this project is to encourage teenagers to wider usage of TIK which enable the access to new information from given branch and also facilitate the communication and the learning. Raising the quality of the vocational training will be a notable effect of taken action just at its preliminary stage. The vocational internship undergone in this form will constitute the added value in the cycle of school education system. By the receive certificates such as: Europass Mobility, Europass Linguistic Passport and Europass CV and those issued by Partners certified acquined qualifications, teenagers will be able to substantiate their experiences. The essential point of this project is also applying by our school the EVCET system which will let rank the foreign internship as a part of vocational practice resulting from school ciricula and will be the begining of applying facilitating tools in transfer operation and recognition of qualifications in the professional training. On the return the participants will be able to exchange their experiences, to share their observations about differences an similarities in working as a professinals in the European countries. They will create multimedia presentations containing their observations, opinions and reports from the internship. For all interested in the subject matter of European Union programs and professional internship all materials from the presentations will be available at school profile at Facebook. Owning to completion of previous projects and past experiences we can state that choosing this type of vocational training make the participants more mature and independent. The great interest among young people in this kind of education states that chosen form is appropriate.

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