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Widening the future - Improving guidance interventions at school
Start date: 01 Oct 2012,

WFUTURE project aims at coping with complex structural needs in the field of education and guidance, focusing on cooperation among schools for “reducing early school leaving” and “ensuring successful transitions between different school types and levels, and into lifelong education and training, particularly by improving access to and the quality of information, guidance and advice services” (2008/C 319/08).Despite individual reasons of ESL, some recurring issues have been identified such as: strong influence of social disadvantage and low education backgrounds, mismatches between education and labour market needs, poor offer of personalized support for pupils.In this scenario, the main aims of the project are:- identify learning strategies and methods that help students at risk of ESL to maintain their motivation and prepare them for further education;- support the development of inclusive approaches to teaching and learning that cater for the needs of all students, including those with disadvantaged backgrounds.In brief, main results of the project will be:- analysis of guidance needs in 5 countries in different geographical contexts;- development of twinning training pathways for teachers based on cooperative learning, to acquire skills on last generation ICT tools for educational guidance;- adaptation of ICT tools to meet specific needs of teachers and pupils;- Handbook for Teachers and School Counsellors- testing of tools and training pathways.The partnership includes organizations from 5 EU countries: public authorities in charge of education and guidance, a coordinator with experience in managing projects and providing educational guidance, higher education and research institutes and developers of groundbreaking ICT systems for guidance.The main target groups are the teachers and schools of primary education system.As for the short-term impact, at least 40 schools and at least 40 teach
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