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Why to believe in the European Union
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Many young Europeans are unaware of what the EU is, the institutions that conform it and the opportunities that offer in favour of youth. This lack of knowledge causes, on several occasions, that young Europeans express a negative view of the EU or perceive that their views and talents are not taken into account by the EU. Because of this situation, comes the project: "Why to believe in the European Union”.The project will bring together 16 young Spaniards and Italians, between 16 and 22 years old, having a disaffection with the EU, who are unemployed and/or are young second-generation migrants. In this regard, the project will seek to: (1) bring them closer the EU and its institutions; (2) develop their European citizenship; (3) promote among them the values ​​of the EU and their sense of belonging to the EU; and (4) provide them job and training opportunities regarding European programmes in favour of youth.For this, the young Europeans will develop, as the core of the project, the civic skills that shape the European citizenship concept: political knowledge, political attention, political participation, political efficacy, political tolerance and European identity. Thanks to these skills, they will also learn about different EU institutions and various European programmes/opportunities for youth. The institutions are: European Commission, European Parliament, Court of Justice of the EU, European Ombudsman, European Central Bank and the Economic and Social Committee. The programmes/opportunities are: Youth Guarantee, European Voluntary Service, Youth Exchanges, Structured Dialogue, Creative Europe and EURES.To achieve this, the project includes the implementation of three phases. First, a preparation phase for young participants, so they have the opportunity to star losing their disaffection by the EU. Second, a youth exchange in Salamanca (Spain), where the young participants will develop their civic competences of European citizenship; (re)discover the EU and its institutions; and raise their awareness of the programmes/opportunities the EU offers to them. Finally, a monitoring phase will be held so the young participants can consolidate their experiences/learnings and act as multipliers agents for the project, the EU and the Erasmus+ programme.
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