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Whose is this music? (WHOSEMUSIC)
Start date: Oct 31, 2011, End date: Oct 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In our project we try to achieve a VERY INTENSE CULTURAL INTERACTION, targeting young people of counties of the cross-border regions of Hungary and Serbia such as Csongrad, Bacs-Kiskun, Bačka and Banat.WHOSE IS THIS MUSIC? – we shall prove that this question is a RHETORICAL one, our target group will get the chance to discover common roots, to see that MUSIC, culture is not an isolated thing but a TREASURE TO BE SHARED. Well adapt the meaning of the film in our project, and we chose YOUTH AS OUR TARGET GROUP because they are the most sensitive and RECEPTIVE TO NEW IDEAS. As we talk to young people, well use methods suiting them: peer relations (to be more authentic), WEB 2.0 TOOLS, repeated, LONGER-TERM ACTIVITIES and TRAIN-THE-TRAINER courses. Achievements: Music can create a bridge between countries and nationalities. The beautiful melodies can not only make life nicer and more enjoyable, but also encourage understanding, peace and brotherhood among people. Thus, the project partners tried to achieve a very intense cultural interchange, engaging young people in the counties of the cross-border regions of Csongrád and Bacs-Kiskun in Hungary and Backa and Banat in Serbia. The students, young musicians, and their professors of music through joint practice and preparations and performances discovered their common roots and experienced that music and culture are not isolated things but treasures to be shared. The project partnership organised a total of fifteen events, eight in Hungary and seven in Serbia. The project also included professional and artistic programmes. A series of very demanding concerts attracted audiences on both sides of the border. Lovers of chamber music, religious music, choir music and folk music were all catered to by the musical offer of the project partnership. Education also had an important role in the project: the partners organised a conference on musical education, and their largest events were two one-week interactive and educational camps in Csongrád, where forty-forty children and sixteen-sixteen teachers participated from Each performance had a separate promotional campaign including colourful and attractive flyers, invitations and a Web 2.0 application. The programme guide was published for the opening seminar in both languages. The project webpage was set up and continuously regularly updated with interesting content. The partners would not have been able to organise such a large scale series of programmes without the cross-border partnership. The connections established during the common activities have remained alive following the completion of the project, and music has continued to be a bridge between the two communities.

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