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Who are you? Get involved with the European street theatre!
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Oct 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context/background of project The project “Who are you? Get involved with the European street theatre!” aims to empower young people with fewer opportunities as a leaders of their communities through creative workshops, intercultural activities and giving them possibility to unveil their talents. It create opportunities for raising their self-esteem, intercultural awareness, more active citizenship, and social change. All the organisations taking part in the project started cooperating thanks to participation in other projects. Idea of it is an answer for common needs of young people from partners organizations: France, Poland(refugees from Chechnya), Turkey and Kosovo. They need to reinforce their self-confidence and to believe in their abilities. Most of them underestimate their values and is pessimist about what they can achieve in the future. They also need to widen their knowledge about other countries and cultures. Objectives of the project As an answer for their needs, we want to support young participants through artistic experiences which will inspire them to imagine a better future for themselves and their communities and provide them with tools to help realise their aspirations. The mission of the project is also to nurture cross-cultural understanding by connecting young people from different countries and backgrounds through shared creative projects. By providing a platform for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds and their leaders, we hope to stimulate debate and exchange of experiences, ideas and inspirations. Number and profile of participants In our project we are concentrated on work with disadvantaged youth facing inequalities, living in socially deprived neighbourhoods, immigrants including refugees and youth living in regions or environments experiencing or recovering from conflict. Our participants are current volunteers or beneficiaries who are involved in activities of our four organisations. For this exchange we have 28 persons including leaders: 3 female and 3 male participants from each country ranging from the age of 14 – 25 years old. 20 of them are persons with fewer opportunities. They are motivated to active participation in the whole project and interested in it’s topics. Selected participants didn’t take part in any previous international project. It is important point for us, to give chance to as wide a group of youth as possible and to include those who didn’t benefit yet from previous programmes. Most of group leaders are also young persons, but experienced in youth work in their organizations and well trained in appropriate topics. They are both females and males. Description of activities Main working method is preparation all together participatory artistic project “Les Cosmophoniens”. The idea is to create learning and practice opportunities for young people using a particular type of creative expression like: street theatre, circus, clown, social theatre, performance art, physical theatre, dance, music. While the focus is on the chosen type of activity, participants will learn across the board. They will prepare and present the final show. Artistic animations will be enriched by simulations and games concerning contemporary problems and important issues in Europe. We also plan local visits and interaction with local communities. Groups from every country will be responsible for preparing cultural evenings and one other workshop. Ther will be time for sport activities, informal exchanges, relax and daily evaluations. Methodology to be used in carrying out the project Methodological approach is non-formal and based on the idea of learning by doing because it allows participants to freely express themselves in an intercultural context, ensuring the widest participation possible. Group dynamics and simulations allows participants to be the leading actors of their learning process. In a setting, the group process, the content and the methodology of the exchange activities, the focus is put on participation, active involvement, sharing of thoughts and feelings, learning by doing, group work and the intercultural dimension. Creativity and variety of methods are important in our approach. Results and impact envisaged and the potential longer term benefits We envisage that participants will become more self-confident, valued and conscious about their skills and abilities, strengthen personal competences and improve English. It will lead to increase their employability and may give willingness for improving education level. Overcoming stereotypes and cultural barriers and ability to deal with people from all kinds of different backgrounds will have positive impact on their attitudes. Participants will be sharing experiences with their friends and communities, hence motivate and support them in a horizontal way. They will become multipliers and positive role models who will engage their communities into active participation.

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