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Wherever You Go, Social Media Will Follow
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Wherever You Go, Social Media Will Follow “is a youth project which is about media addiction and unconscious internet usage that is a major problem nowadays about which people do not have enough knowledge and awareness and which is planned to be held between 18-25 January in Hatay/Turkey. Including Turkey, Germany,Croaita,Lithuaniai,Macedonia will also participate our project. The major reason for holding the project “Wherever You Go, Social Media Will Follow “in Turkey is that, the differences of our country, Turkey, is more than the differences of other European Countries when compared. Sharing the culture and features of our country in an unprejudiced and correct way will be possible with the help of this project. The participants are planned to be familiar with the culture of different countries as much as they can, because in the activities that will be carried during the project, a big importance will be given to the topics of intercultural learning and respect for cultural differences. Thanks to this method which is used in most of youth projects; young people try to learn what they are unfamiliar with, question their own culture, obtain information about cultural differences and reduce their bias. The topic of the project “Social Media Addiction” is the biggest problem of most people nowadays. Turkey is second in world rankings in the use of Twitter and third in the use of Instagram. As a result of studies conducted in the first thing people do when they wake up, it is learned that most people check up their social media accounts even before washing their face. As the member of Ultimate Youth Workers Group, we decided to carry out this project on the purpose of creating awareness about social media dependancy. Five different countries, including Turkey are going to participate to our project. The numbers of the participants of the partners consist of 6 participant and 1 group leader, in total 7 persons except for Turkey.We are planning to participate with 8 participant and 1 group leader. The number of all the participants is 37. Age grouping of the participants is between 15-30 in our project and the balance of the gender numbers of participants is going to be paid attention. During the constitution of the participant profile, it is concluded after the exchange of views with our partners in the project that the persons who participate to the project are the ones that have lack knowledge, lack attention and lack accumulation about the project. In the course of the project, the purposes are to bring together all the works on the precautions that taken by each different cultured participant and their countries against to the social media dependency ,by taking advantage of the their experience on the subject, and to develop -even to create new and effective ideas concerning the solution of the problem and raising the awareness about it. Besides, the project has an important purpose on providing socialization among people and intercultural communication. We are planning to reach the solution mostly by taking views and ideas of the participants and by brainstorming. Also, taking the views of the professional persons who provide active participation in the course of the project , and learning the scientific survey facts on the subject matter are going to help us to maintain a productive project.

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