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Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

Type of project: Study visitNumber of participants involved :16 participants (8 from Program country, 8 from SEE country)Country involved:EU country - Lithuania, Italy 2 organizations and Portugal- SEE country - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and SerbiaDuration of the activity: 6 days (without traveling days)Venue: Podgorica, MontenegoThe main topics that will be addressed in the project are youth policy, youth work with youth with fewer opportunity and volunteers (local and EVS) in Montenegro. In this way the partner organizations will have the opportunity to be closely acquainted with the work of youth organizations in Montenegro and through sharing experiences and positive practices, create a viable partnership that would contribute further to the successful cooperation within the framework of Youth in Action program, as well as some other programs . This project is also one more opportunity for promotion of cooperation in youth field on European level.Main aim of this project is to provide an opportunity to organization from Lithuaina, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to explore youth work and Youth Policy in Montenegro. This aim we will achive through deifferent specific objective:Learning about Youth Policy in MontenegroVisiting different bodies which are responsible for implamentation of National Youth Policy in Montenegro- Visiting different projects which contribute to implamentation of National Youth Policy in Montenegro- Learning about youth work with youth with fewer opportunity and volunteers in Montenegro- Visiting organization which work with youth with fewer opportunity and volunteers in MontenegroReflecting on situation of youth work and Youth Policies in the participants countriesDeveloping ideas for future project in frame of Youth in Action programmeThe study visit will be organised by a team including an experienced facilitator working with the support of local NGOs. It will include out-door visits and activities as well as non-formal learning activities aiming to reflect further and intiate ideas and partnerships for future cooperation.
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