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What you get is what you give
Start date: Aug 1, 2011,

"What you get is what you give" is a training course for 33 youth leaders who work and are willing to continue working with European voluntary service action. The project will be held in Albania and its main topic is based in voluntaryism, its promotion to youngsters, exchanging of experiences and improving competencies of participants while dealing with EVS projects. The idea of this project is to also create an opportunity for trainers, youth workers, SO-HO mentors (and future mentors) from different countries from SEE and EU and with different backgrounds to come together in Albania and use the opportunity to meet and exchange their experiences discussing for different positive and negative situation that are created while working with EVS. This Training Course aims therefore also at giving the participants knowledge, skills and developing their attitudes towards future work with partner countries from SEE, both in Balkans and in other parts of Europe. Also, it aims at the establishment of personal contacts between participants and potential sending/hosting partners for European Voluntary Service.
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