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What would the world be like
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

International youth exchange »What would the world be like?« which will be hosted by slovenian team will take place approximately in the beginning of November in Trbovlje. The main topic will be how to stop discrimination and hate speech which is more and more common nowdays.We will collaborate with three more partners: from Croatia, Hungary and Germany.The goal of the exchange will be making four different movies in four different movie genres, but the timing of them should not be longer than 5min. The countries can choose between documentary, horror movie, comedy, drama, musical, action movie, interactive movie and social experiment. Each group will be made from five people; mentor and four youngsters. During the exchange the movies will be shot in international groups, which mean that the director in every group will be from different country. Countries should be prepared with their screenplay in advance so every country will have their own director which will shot the movie during the exchange. Storyboard and recording will be done during the exchange. Advanced planning visit will take time at the beginning of September this year in Budapest. Basic methodology of this exchange is media production. With the project “What would the world be like” we want to learn about cultural heritage, the differences and common points among young people of different cultural and other background and also to overcome the fear of diversity and to understand young people’s identity.

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