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WHAT? - Why and How to Animate your Teens
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Jan 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are an association that works daily with children and youth. For a long time now, we’ve been actively involved in national and international programs concerning youth. However, in the last few years, we’ve been noticing a progressive lack of motivation to participate in this kind of activities that, in its core, are capable of promoting the personal and social development of the youngsters that end up participating with us. Having this youth lack of enthusiasm in mind we set up to organize a Training Course in which the main goal is to teach all the participants different methods and techniques that allow them to attract different groups of youngsters. The goals of this Training Course are: - To explore new educational tools for Youth Animation that promote their participation in the life of the associations and/or the community’s. - To develop the youthworkers’ skills in order to make it easier for them to reach the youngsters in their community - To develop creative ideas in the participants and to apply them in the development of inovative activities and projects in their associations - To alert the participants for inclusion, working on different methods and techniques with different target groups (genre, social and economic status, cultural differences, people with physical limitations or other health problems, learning disabilities) - To creat a sharing network between the participants that allow them to share new techniques, good practices and activities that promote the creation of new projects based on Erasmus+ We intend to have 11 partners with a total of 24 participants. Each partner must send 2 people (1 man and 1 woman) over 18 years old. The participants should be able to be an active voice during the Training Course and be able to share experiences and ideas of good practices in the life of associations. The activities in this training course will follow a skills development step-by-step based on methods and techniques of non formal education. First there will be and assessment of the participants’ expectations using some techniques like an oral exposition, a debate and presentation games. After this first step, the Training Course will be more focused on the importance of national and international youth participation and the role of the youthworker on youth empowerment. To achieve an efective development of these themes there will be used oral exposition, debates and group role playing. The last theme that will be adressed has as main goal to recycle and develop new educational tools for youthworkers. These new tools should be able to present the wyouthworkers with more effective ways to reach youth and to make them get involved in society. To achieve this goal, multicultural work groups will be formed in order to reflect and expose known methods applying the LSD technique (learning space dynamics). Throughout this theme, the participants will have to build an individual portfolio with methods and techniques that they learned and also the ones that they already knew. This Training Course intends to facilitate the connection between the participants and the different kinds of youth groups in their communities. It is expected that each one of the participants will be able, in long term, to develop new and better activities for a better integration of youth in society and also a greater participation of youth in the building of politics that are important for their personal and social development in the combat of social exclusion. The transmission of the results of this training course will be assured by the participants as they work directly with youth and they will be able to use the activities learned throughout the project. The results of the training course will be shared on the media and it will be possible for every interested association and youthworker to be part of an online group in order to be an active voice in the development of the project. The goal for the future is to have activities with a wider range of impact. Together they should be able to make a better assessment of the european youth and adopt common activities and projects that promote a greater participation of youth in european citizenship.
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