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What's on my students mind?
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The experimental Part-time Education with its distinct approach, its emphasis on socio-emotional development and field-effect around attitudes and skills has been replaced by part-time vocational education that may issue second grade - third grade-Secondary Education and Business Administration. This shift has forced the school and his entire team to search for other points of view, methods and resources. However, the vision of our school remains the same and wants to provide training to young people and commit to the total education of the pupils. We want to offer a quality education and training tailored to each pupil. This should lead to young people which can fully participate in society with sufficient self-knowledge and self-respect. We strive for the maximum possible qualified outflow and expect from every pupil full-time commitment.(= 2days school, 3days work) The combination of this new situation with the other pedagogical approach / vision of the school is not an easy task for the team. The Centre already has a diverse range of materials, methods, ... but we keep colliding with the merge of the new cognitive element in the training with the socio-emotional development character of our school. The team PAV lacks the theoretical basis to individualize our system even more. There is very little material, courses, specifically for our type of education. Too often it is made for full-time teaching situations with overcrowded classrooms and specialist teachers. Therefore we dare look beyond our national borders to gain new insights, new perspectives, new learning tools and skills. With the course "Meta learning & thinking Skills" the Centre aims to link theory to practice. During this training, we want to learn more about the thinking of our students and / or teachers. This training with the motto Edward de Bono of the quote; "The quality of our future depends on the quality of our thinking!" seems to correspond closely to the deficit that we feel and the vision that we have as a school. A clear theory on self-management, creative thinking, thinking processes gives the perspective to adapt our existing teaching materials, teaching methods, teaching materials or simply make new ones. We can get started with both the theoretical basis and practical framework that is offered to us. Maybe it will even give us a new approach, or at the very least a different angle how to mobilize the school tired brain of our youth-both cognitive and socio-emotional. Through this skills, we hope to meet the specific needs of our young people even better, to increase the outflow of skilled young people and reduce dropouts in our educational system.
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