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What's in it?

Our project is about two aspects of democracy and active citizenship: the right to be informed and health.Active citizenship relies on being informed. The citizen has the right and duty to be informed, but we must know how to find, evaluate and choose from the vast amount of information available, much of which is unreliable.Another basic right of the citizen is to be healthy.We chose food as a topic to lead our students to acquire the information necessary to be healthy. As teachers we are aware that food related problems are becoming more and more common among young people.The title of our project “What’s in it?” has various levels of meaning which partially explains its aim. It obviously doesn’t only refer to what’s actually in what we eat, but also to what else is involved which eludes us but which we ought to know.Food will be approached across the curriculum in every subject, while learning about the culture and languages of partners and improving communication skills in English.The final aim is for the students to produce material to disseminate their findings to their peers and families.

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