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„What does it mean to you?“ … Learning from our history – fighting for our future
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"What does it mean to you" connects history and historical understanding with challenges that young people face today. For German and Palestinan youngsters in particular, there is a lack of knowledge combined with prejudices. For a common look into the future, both has to be overcome.In September 2015, 20 young people from both countries were coming together in Berlin to learn on the history of antisemitism in Europe and the persecution and annihilation of Jews in National Socialism. Together we came to a point, where we acknowledge different ways to adopt and to understand history while at the same time finding common desires and demands for the present.In October 2016 we want to conduct a follow-up with 30 persons in Palestine. We will see the development in the region since the 20th century, how Palestinians see their situation nowadays and what this situation has to do with their perception of history. At the same time, we will have a look on the current civil society: initiatives struggling for concrete improvements - for education of refugees, and for the rights of women and young people in a future sovereign and democratic state of Palestine.In our project we will conduct thematic workshops, visit places of historical meaning and initiatives of civil society. At the same time we will learn from societal practice and experience. Together with the local people we will help in refugee and reconstruction projects and we will assist villagers in their olive harvest.As a result of the project we will question a lot of things taken for granted and see, that the world is much more complex as it seems from the first glance. We acknowledge other people's perspectives and search for a common practice to achieve immediate improvements in our societies. This will help ourselves in our personal developments. More than that, we set new perspectives for volunteerism, youth policies, and international political exchange between Europe and the Near East.Participants within the project are 30 young women and men, 16 to 25 years old. They come from Dortmund in Germany and the West Bank, Palestine. They witness current global developments of war, violence, flight and refuge in their own immediate neighborhoods. Our projects provides them with opportunities to better understand, to handle and to challenge these questions related to that.
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