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Werbekampagne Non-Profit Südtirol
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our mobility project is the subsequent result of a long-term internalization strategy undergone by our vocational school step by step during the last years. Thus this new exchange, planned for three flows each with 20 students is the next step towards a lasting set-up for gaining underlying knowledge within the line of work combined with a work experience abroad as well as a development of our students’ personalities plus a development of our school which was awarded for setting and keeping high standards with using and developing media in the classroom as well as working with a quality management system. A. Project With this project we would like to get young people to participate and use their creative talent in voluntary work for non-profit organizations in the area around Bozen, Italy. In appreciation for the cultural, ecological and/or social situation in this area our students will try to develop a new perspective for a region that they so far only know from being on holidays there. In a close-knit cooperation with creative students and the experienced staff of both the Gutenberg vocational school of Bozen and ours the participants will strive to create modern, fashionable media for advertising for special local needs. These means for advertising will not only be designed but also brought into existence. We would especially like to have those non-profit organizations to benefit from our work which do not have the financial means or staff or knowledge in regard to media. B. Goals and Objectives Our students as well as their teachers will profit immensely from the knowledge and the experience they will gain during their work placements in another European country. Different ways for accessing a new project will inspire the young trainees of both nationalities and will help them in the future when working on new projects. The Designers of Digital and Print Media will pick up new techniques in photography, in the editing of pictures or in web design. Working together and discussing ideas for designing a project will lead to reflecting one’s own ideas as well as those from others in the group. Both groups of students, German and Italian, can thus enlarge their knowledge. Being in contact with one another and working together could lead to finding friends in a foreign country which would also have a positive impact on the development of our students’ personalities. C. Number and profile of participants Our project is meant to consist of three flows within two years with 20 trainees in media design participating in each flow. All students are young adults and already have a broad spectrum of knowledge related to the area of designing media and graphic design. In addition, the teachers accompanying the students and working on the project as well are experienced graphics specialists, web designers or print technologists. D. Activities planned - Travel to Bozen, Italy, via coach or train, our means of transport in Bozen needs to be supplied by our partners there - Visit to / attendance of our partner school, Gutenberg vocational school in Bozen (South Tyrol, Italy) - Intercultural learning by getting to know the people and the area – which also is a pre-requisite for making the project work - building two teams in which the respective participants will plan and set up an advertising - campaign either for print media or for digital ways of advertising - visit to the respective non-profit organization which will benefit from the individual campaign - activities with representatives of these non-profit organizations - planning and set up phase - presentation of results E. project management - planning the steps of the project as well as the aspects of organizing the stay in Bozen and the contact with non-profit organizations there will be done in cooperation with our partners at Gutenberg vocational school - check lists for the individual steps in the projects already do exist. F. Results and sustainability The non-profit organization provided with our supportive work will receive a bundle of means for promotion / ads for the print media as well as being supplied with a modern, professional web site set up during the project. We will take into account that the volunteers in the non-profit organization will be able to host the individual web site on their own in the future. Reports in the year books of each vocational partner school, on the schools’ web sites, in the magazine of our teacher organization as well as in the local media (newspaper, radio, TV) Our colleagues in Bozen could be encouraged to plan and apply for an Erasmus+ project, too. The best photos taken during the project will be included in a calendar which will be printed at our school and sold to interested individuals. The profit will go to the respective organization in Bozen. We will enroll the documentation of our work in competitions for students which are related to making film documentations.

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