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Wellness Knights
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jan 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT/BACKGROUND OF PROJECT Fact that half of the EU population has increased weight and acquired knowledge about the harm of it, as heavy burden to national healthcare systems because of illnesses caused by unhealthy lifestyle, brought us to idea to conduct a project on healthy and active lifestyle. We want to provide an opportunity to the participants to live for the main activity time in a healthy environment as to learn and try fun physical activities in order to keep them healthy and happy. We expect that this experience will bring changes to their daily routine by making it healthier and more active. The main aim is to give a boost to have a healthy and active lifestyle in order to have a happy future. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT INCLUDES Become aware and try specific sport/active games, dances or the most popular sport game or physical activity from each participant country to try different ways of physical activities as to raise inter-cultural understanding; To learn each from other the skills, knowledge and competencies on the issues related to healthy lifestyle, consequences of obesity and overweight, balanced diets; Involve in workshops, brainstorming and team works to promote healthy lifestyle from different angles; To promote the European values about mobility, cultural exchange and cooperation between different countries; NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS In general 36 individuals (including 7 youth leaders) will take a part in this project. For the project 4 participants will be selected from 7 countries. They will be accompanied by one group leader (for Italy 2). DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES Each group will have to lead 2 activities: one non-formal education activity and s some physical activity/ traditional active game/ dances or sport game which is done by all the participants ( also has to give a short presentation about their country) Discussions about healthy lifestyle principles, healthy meal cooking and degustation. Brainstorming and mind map production about the impacts on food choices. Workshop with the aim to produce balanced meal and activity plan. Workshop: Looking for Hidden Calories Workshop: participants will visualize their meal by drawings, it will be evaluated according to healthy meal perception in group discussions. Video watching in the Internet environment on healthy lifestyle issues afterwards opinion sharing on seen. Video making with the aim to reflect the project and gained knowledge about healthy lifestyle and what changes and gain project brought for the participants. Handbook development and project evaluation. Social evenings, movie nights. METHODOLOGY TO BE USED IN CARRYING OUT THE PROJECT During the project non-formal and informal education methods through active learning will be applied. Under the frame of non-formal learning we will provide the possibility to gain knowledge each from other in the field of nutrition and healthy lifestyle. As homework before departure to project venue, all the participant groups will prepare a presentation about their country and also some characteristic game, activity or sport game, dance or the most popular sport game at their country and some non-formal learning activity on healthy lifestyle. Informal learning- it will happen all the time. As participants are in a foreign country they will improve their skills to adopt in another environment and lifestyle. Their communication skills in general and in a foreign language will be improved. They will develop their orientation skill in an alien environment, as management and teamwork skills through the project activities. A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE RESULTS AND IMPACT ENVISAGED We expect that all the information and practical activities will inspire participants to have a healthier lifestyle also after the end of the main activities of the project. The aim of all games, brought from the 6 different countries, which will be played during the activities may lead some of it inclusion in participant’s daily activities. We also expect that participants: will have improved knowledge about healthy lifestyle; will get a boost to have more physical activities in everyday life; raise awareness about other cultures and the their enjoyment of physical activities through interesting games shared between the participants with different nationalities; will make wider their network; will increase their knowledge about EU provided chances for mobility. POTENTIAL LONGER TERM BENEFITS Participants will be educated in a non-formal and active way about healthy and active lifestyle, knowledge and experience will stay with them forever. In long term gained experience living abroad cannot be over evaluated. Although the main activities are for short time, all the participants will have to adjust to be in a foreign country so developing their inter-cultural, self-awareness and self-reliance skills. One more invaluable gain to all involved actors is a chance to make their cooperation durable.
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