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Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: Dec 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project will be done by 30 young volunteers from Georgia ,Jordan, Macedonia,Poland ,Ukraine Albania ,Spain and İtaly in Gaziantep Sof Dağı location. The Project will be 3 terms and each term there will be 10 participants. The Project will be done by us on this dates; First term is at (01.06.2016-29.07.2016), second term is at (01.08.2016-28.09.2016) and third term is at (01.10.2016-28.11.2016). In this project, we will work on organic agricultural activities at Sof Mountains. We will make working about culvitate fruit and distrubition. In this project the participants will help disadvantaged children for swimming and english lesson.Project is exactly like following of previous activities. During this project, volunteers will come to our association to help our sport based local activities. That will be a good opportunity both for us and for our youngsters to get intercultural aspect in our activities. The volunteers will be involved in promoting sports, as a general healthy habit. So, the people can be involved on almost any age. They'll help local youngsters to practice sportive activities. Therefore volunteers will focus on gather as many people as possible. Project will provide intercultural enviroment to youngsters and this will provide non-formal intercultural learning atmosphere. Those acknowledges,skills and attitudes was taken from the project will be useful for volunteers and local participants in daily life.Activities will take place mostly in pool, "Gaziantep Kapalı Yuzme Havuzu" and will include some office work. Volunteer will be also facilitator to our Modern Pentathlon activities like sprint, freestyle swimming and shooting. During process of project non-formal education methods will be used actively and English will be used.
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