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Welcome Package for Migrant Workers

Worker mobility from the new member States to the EU15 has never been more intense.The exporting labour force countries are represented by Poland and Lithuania. (The UKand DK are popular destinations among Poles; Norway has a lot of Lithuanian workers).These migrants begin their new jobs in a foreign country unprepared – they do notspeak the language, are ignorant of the country’s labour laws, they are not aware of thestandards in their chosen job, etc. There are numerous documented cases of workersbeing exploited (underpaid, unsafe working conditions, no safety nets), with someending up as homeless in their adopted country.The project will seek to prepare the migrant worker prior to leaving their country, andprepare a ‘Welcome package’ that will facilitate their adoption and integration to theworkplace and the local community. The project will develop a flexible and coherenttraining system (with mentorship support) consisting of:1. a linguistic and digital competence module – containing a course on basic,survival language and language related to specific professions. Training on digitalcompetence building to enable them to use the LCM platform and participate in elearningwill be conducted in the home country.2. a cultural module – on cultural differences, cultural codes as well as workculture, safety, rights, responsibilities, etc.3. a social module – on important working law regulations as well as safety,health and environment information, with available Working Union consultation serviceThis e-learning will be complemented by periodic visitation of local mentors. The DK andUK partners will focus on the migrants from Poland; NO will focus on workers fromLithuania.The following will be produced:- training materials in DK, NO and EN with the support translation in PL and LT- established network between employees, local networks, job offices and adulteducation providers- dissemination plan – project promotion strategy and final conference- brochures and promotion materials- mentors online training together with mentors’ guidebook- basic ICT skills online training for the target groupThe envisioned impact of the project will be:- Extension of the project product to other countries- Provision of lifelong learning for adult migrant workers- Increased sense of security of migrants- Increased mobility within the union- Less illegal hiring and exploitation of workers.- Development of best practice to support the mobility of workers in Europe.

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