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Welcome, Introduce, Educate
Start date: 20 Aug 2016, End date: 19 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Ropazi municipality preschool Annele has applied to participate in Erasmus+KA1 School Education Staff Mobility, “Welcome, Introduce, Educate”, taking into account priorities and needs detected in preschool educaltional institution and local community.The main goal of this project is to increase teacher’s professional skills based on competencies such as organization of the teaching process by cooperating with and educating the local community. The objectives to be completed to reach the goal of the project: 1. It is necessary to do the training about project based learning and teaching process;2. It is necessary to do the training about leaning in nature;3. The cross-border cooperation is necessary in order to exchange the international experience; 4. It is important to develop English language skills for successful interaction;5. It is necessary to develop a system to interchange the information and results within the educational institution;6. It is necessary to inform local community about the results and a plan for the nearest future.After individual interviews and joint consultations it was decided to involve into participation three teachers and program coordinator of the educational institution. The participation of these personalities in the project would give the maximum input into the reaching the goal of the project.Chosen teachers and the program coordinator of the educational institution have appropriate education and significant work experience; they have contributed both in local activities and in international cooperation projects in the social platform e-Twinning.To execute the objectives to accomplish the goal there are planned the following activities:1. To organize regular meetings of potential participants;2. To organize meetings in afternoon to develop language;3. To organize informative meeting for preparing;4. To participate in training “Education in Nature” organized by Kinde Education Centre in Sweden; in the time period from 22 to 28 August, 2016;5. To observe the skills of the teachers in primary educational institution in Sweden with cooperation of Kinda Education Centre; 6. To participate in training “Project based teaching and learning” organized by Bios Life Long Learning Centre in Cyprus; in the time period from 7 to 13 November, 2016;7. To collect the information and to organize meeting to inform other teachers; 8. To include the results in the learning process;9. To develop educational plan; including people from other countries into educational institution staff;10. To present the results on local media, and on social media platforms such as Facebook, eTwinning;11. To inform local community about performed activities and obtained results;Methods based on cooperation and practical knowledge are used to execute the activities. After systematic and successful implementation of the activities gained results would affect the quality of the teachers’ skills supporting awareness and involvement of the community. 1. The quality of teaching skills in the educational institution will increase by using the available resources and acquired knowledge to plan the educational process and to use outdoor resources more effectively; 2. The quality of the teachers’ skills in the educational institution will increase by understanding project based educational activities. The increase of the skill is important to implement project based learning in the teaching/learning process. 3. Acquired methods and skills will be integrated into educational process and included in the teaching program of the educational institution;4. As a result of experience exchange would help to the promotion of internationalization un intercultural experience, this will help to develop integration plan of people from other countries;5. The teachers would have an opportunity to share the results of the project within educational institution, local area, and within the educational institutions in the district;6. Teachers would develop the level of English language skill;7. The results will be presented in the social media - Facebook, eTwinning, the website of the educational institute, the newspaper of Ropazi municipality.8. The results will impact the vision of the local community and will motivate people to further development.In the long term, participation in this project will be beneficial for development of Ropazi municipality and for the local community.
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