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Weiterentwicklung des Begabungsförderungsprofils im Rahmen der Schulentwicklung
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As part of our ongoing work on the school development program, the staff of Landesschule Pforta has intensively worked since 2013 with both students and parents as well as with experts from the ministry of education of Saxony-Anhalt in order to improve and intensify the concept of catering and promoting gifted students. Landesschule Pforta is a state maintained boarding school offering specialisation in foreign languages, sciences and music for gifted and eager students aged 14 to 19 through additional contents in special courses. Also some courses or sequences are being taught in English or bilingually. Two of the main areas of the school development programme are the intensification of those bilingual offers as well as the development of a special curriculum for our secondary level students to achieve a higher level of study abilities, concentrating on scientific work and study methods as well as additional contents in several subjects as well as interdisciplinary course contents. Landesschule Pforta being a state maintained boarding school promoting and realizing the unity of school and boarding house education, we installed a new teacher mentoring system to further enhance the support and counselling of the individual student. In order to better enable our teachers for this demanding and challenging task, we have included teacher training courses on mentoring/ coaching as one of the priorities in our school’s project. The trainings planned are to enable colleagues further to develop or improve the concepts of our school development program. Additionally, we to encourage even more members of our staff to immerse themselves in the process of developing and improving the quality of education, especially of gifted students. Naturally, the experiences and abilities developed in those training programs are to directly benefit the quality of the lessons as well as broaden the range of subjects or sequences to be taught bilingually or in a foreign language. Colleagues will take part in training-programmes that especially cater for teachers who teach certain subjects bilingually (Content & Language Integrated Learning, CLIL), such as Music Theory and History, Physics and Astronomy (English) and Geography (Spanish). Another focus lies on the creating and developing of a possible school partnership with a school in Narvik, Norway. For that purpose a first personal contact in the context of a teacher observation visit is planned, which is both to focus on the use of modern teaching materials and means (smartboards, modern communication media such as video conferencing and eTwinning) in class as well as in student projects, and also aims at developing the basis for a medium term development of a fully-fledged school partnership and a possible bilateral students’ project. After the successful results and experiences of our first ERASMUS+ round in 2014/15, which has already resulted in establishing a number of new activities in several subjects (bilingual sequences or courses for our students), we have also been able to include a number of new colleagues to join and actively work on the various aspects of our school development plan (especially in the support and furthering of interests and special talents of our gifted and eager students). The ERASMUS+ program KA1 offers ideal opportunities to specifically train and develop the various necessary competences of our staff. We focus on the use and more intensive implementation of modern teaching materials and communication media as well as the further development and intensifying of international relationships from which future students’ projects can originate which will offer students more opportunities to develop their language, subject and social competences in a European context. Four of the planned ten mobilities will be taken by colleagues who already took part in the first leg of the ERASMUS+ KA1 program, five more participants from all three of our special branches (languages, natural sciences and music) are new to the program, but have already taken first steps in implementing bilingual sequences or been active in developing the internal curriculum of the EnglishPlus course. One colleague will take part in two different activities (teaching observation visit and training course on mentoring and coaching). As a result we expect an immediate improvement of the quality of the special bilingual offers as well as a long term improvement of the quality of teaching and of the concept of promotion of gifted students at Landesschule Pforta. The experiences and skills acquired in those trainings are to give an additional boost to our school-development-programme. Additionally we hope to encourage other members of our staff to engage more actively in European educational programs. In internal, regional and supra-regional teacher training courses the participants are supposed to let even more teachers profit from the results of the European training programs.
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