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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will mostly take place in Kostanjevica na Krki, historical town on the eastern part of Slovenia; however, some activities will be set in Ljubljana, the capital. From 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017, 2 volunteers will gain competences on sustainable development, local food supply, conscious consuming, skill sharing, inclusion of migrants/ refigees and active citizenship. They will foster self-organization of people in the local community as well as their ability to manage solidary purchase group. They will undertake active role in marketing food products and co-create food chain from Farm to Fork. With the project, we would like to learn from examples of best practice in GAS, a solidarity purchase group, in order to apply such methods in our local environment. Volunteers will also visit small farms where young rural entrepreneurs realise their visions of producing healthy organic produce with added value. They will gain competences on sustainable development, local food supply, conscious consuming, skill sharing and active citizenship. They will assimilate information from methods of good village practice (beekeeping, permaculture, organic farming, natural cosmetic, recycle and reuse) and educate local inhabitants about conscious organic production and consume. Some of the activities include creative workshops for children, skill sharing, textile recycling and reuse, permaculture, organising activities along the heritage trail. Volunteers will be able to gain access to the traditional ways of preserving food, processing food while learning bread baking, cheese making, wine producing, healing with herbs. They will also gain the opportunity to actively participate in farming households. They will take photographs and edit them, make video interviews as sub-casts to the solidary purchase group’s web page, engage in PR activities and design web contributions. Terra Vera Association collaborates with Božidar Jakac Art Gallery, a nearby gallery institution that will provide volunteers a chance to develop local programmes linked to the promotion of migrants contribution, skills and knowledge to local environment throughout the history. Volunteers will gain skills of guiding visitors and presenting the gallery collection from the point of migrant's artistic contribution. In Ljubljana, the volunteers will establish contacts with young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, help in identifying handcraft skills and creative/ artistic potential of these youngsters and involve them in creative and craft workshops. Gradually, the volunteer and refugees will take part in accompanying activities to the craft & entrepreneurship start up programme, targeting in particular vulnerable social groups of young asylum seekers, immigrants, and refugees. They will assist in co-developing a skill sharing programme and ethical marketing brand based on handicraft and design products made in collaboration between young asylum seekers and local hand crafters/ designers. Indoor activities include office work, setting up courses, setting timetables and rotas for the week; writing a blog, learn and use graphic design and video editing. 

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