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Web European cooperative art museum

WebEcam (Web European cooperative art museum) is a project whose aim is to create a collaborative art museum. Pupils will complete art work and writing on a predetermined theme. They will have the opportunity to share and exhibit their creation and write a detective story related to the preservation of European art. The collection will include artists' major pieces through European history. Each school will present a secret agent who will be a member of a European secret service Agency whose purpose is to protect and foster European art. Each partner in its turn will send a plot to the others. They will provide clues to discover a national artist work. The project based on an active participation of the pupils is about recognising links between local, national and European culture. Pupils will research and share information on the major cultural work including popular and contemporary culture. By the medium of a collaborative detective story they will discover other cultures, pass on their cultural heritage and understand the need to preserve it as part of European history and to take part in it. Self-expression will be explored in visual and digital arts activities. A range of curricular areas will be involved including oral and writing communication in mother tongue, English as communicating language, arts (C.L.I.L.- optional) ICT, history and geography.

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