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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Özel Fatih Topkapı Fen Lisesi is one of the known and appreciated high school among high schools in İstanbul and Özel Fatih Topkapı Fen Lisesi is a member of FATİH COLLAGES. As Özel Fatih Topkapı Fen Lisesi, we know the importance of staff training so we always aim to keep it alive and we regularly organise/ take part in various training activities related to education. We organise different staff training programmes among FATİH COLLAGES and as could as in al international areas. What we aim with this project is to take our staff trainings into Europe with Erasmus programme. We have chosen to follow 4 courses from mainly In Dialogue focusing on counselling, teaching skills and management skills. We plan to take all teachers who are able to speak and communicate in English because at the end of chosen courses our staffs will have gained to understand and respect other cultures, to work with people from other countries who may have different ways of being and acting, by regulating our behavior towards an attitude of open spirit and comprehension. We want teachers with an Entrepreneurial Attitude development inside and outside the school context, with more adapted teaching-learning methodologies and who are able to develop different and innovative entrepreneurial activities. We want also teachers that help the students develop Soft Skills such as Leadership, Critical Spirit, Teamwork, Determination, Time management, Openness to change, Initiative, Autonomy, Decision-making, Creativity and Perseverance. What we aim with this project also is to in this area have been to create an entrepreneurial culture, demonstrate that being entrepreneur is a way of life, demystify preconceived ideas related to the concept of entrepreneurship, promote the initiative spirit as well the cooperation and creativity spirit, share experiences and ideas, open new horizons to our young students, facilitate a wide contact with the real world, increase the local development. Özel Fatih Topkapı Fen Lisesi has many years of experience in running international projects on various scales such as Comenius, INEPO or International Science Olympiad but those kind of international projects are very useful for students and we want provide this international opportunities to our staff as well with this project and courses.
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