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We speak music
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The young generation builds up the future of Europe. "We speak music" aims to offer 60 young, motivated and talented people the chance to experience inter-cultural and inter-religious exchange between Bosnia & Herzegovina and Austria. Furthermore, the exchange aims to create real friendship between young individuals. The geographical gap between Bosnia and Herzegovina seems so close but when observed through social, economical and political lenses it is pushing these two countries far apart and makes them inexplicably different . We will pull our weight to show to young people which different opportunities and means for cooperation are offered in particular countries. We want to raise the awareness of young people that specific infrastructures and opportunities can not be taken for granted in particular environments. Furthermore, we will encourage young peopl by showing what music is able to do and what kind of power music can posses. Most importantly, we will make it evident that it is more than possible for young population, and those not so young- the chance to grow together disregarding which nationality and religion someone belongs to. "We speak music" will be organized for young people who share the passion for creating and producing music. Futhermore, they have to bring the attitude of interest in intercultural and interreligous exchange and in addition the readiness for lifelong learning as well as expanding the personal cultural horizon. The participants will be selected by the particular key personal of each project partner. Priority in the process of selection will have the social background as well as the level of proficiency of the applicant. "We speak music" will be organised in form of "Youth Exchanges - Partner Countries" in Pinggau / Austria from 22 June 2015 - 28 June 2015. The involved partners are MMK Pinggau / AUT and "IZVORNIK" / BiH. The working methods consist of intercultural workshops, mixed performances, a joint concert and outdoor/ indoors activities in mixed groups. The MMK Pinggau will act as the host organization and "IZVORNIK" as guest organization. The program, workshops and performances are developed and clarified in a joint preparation process. In this process participants as well as the key personal of each organization will contribute their ideas and experiences from former projects. "We speak music" can provide even wider cooperation between the both partners as well as wider cooperation also in other areas and branches, as economy and education and even bringing together authorities of the particular regions. Naturally, "We speak music" can bring cooperation among large number of music schools and associations from the two countries. A final target can be even the formation of an international net of music schools and associations on at least regional level. Projects like "We speak music" can be seen as an initial starting point for the establishment of more formal education branches in the area of music schools in the area in Zvornik in BiH. "We speak music" could become an integral part in bringing music to the young generation in BiH and therefore providing and creating a new perspective of personal development of young people. "We speak music" will support an already started regional initiative in BiH. Press release will be published during the "Advance Planning Visit" to local and regional media houses in BiH as well as in Austria. Regional TV stations, newspaper and radio stations will be invited to the press conference. In addition the Ministry of Education of Republika Srpska /BiH is highly interested in the realisation of the project "We speak music" as it can be seen as a strong impact on the regional music scene for young people. During and after the international week of music, press releases will be published in order to inform the general public about the ongoing activties. The aim is to encourage more associations and young people to either join a future project and also to start an own project to provide future opportunities for the young people in BiH and Austria. The participants and parents will receive a summary presentation of the project afterwards to encourage them to participate also in the future in such an initiative. In addition, it is aimed to support the positive word-of-mouth recommendation of Erasmus+ projects and to encourage families to send and support the participation of young people in such projects. "We speak music"
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