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We Shall Overcome
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "We shall overcome" is a youth exchange, involving 24 young people coming from four European Contries (Italy, Bulgaria, turckey and Poland). The activities will be in Bojano (cb) a small village in the south of Italiy. "We shall overcome" arises from reflection on the economic crisis which affects european society and that has caused substantial increase of unemployment levels, mostly that of young people which could become unbearable. it is noted, a lack of relation between the skills of young unemployed and required skills by the labour market and by a sustainable economy. - The project aims at filling this gap developing and reinforcing competences, knowledge and individual and necessary educative-social skills in order to spot employment opportunities offered by the labour market and by a sustainble economy. the project aims, in general, at un active citizenship training with a purpose of: - motivate the young, and to actively participate at the conception of their ideas, knowledge and competences on relevant topics as those of the unemployment and sustanibility (of sustainable development) not as simple service users, but active subjects with interests, needs and values, capable of making choises, producing culture and activating energies more usable on labour's market and being aware and responsable protagonists in the society. - to become protagonists of initiatives aimed at a concience formation of sustainable development, a new and better way , for themselves and the others, to look at the future, in a context not only personal, local but also european, growing the awareness of their being european citizens. At the same time, it wants to be a means through which intercultural dialogue can be achieved, because the sharing, the contribution in the group of each individual vision and contribution to the development of project ativities altoghether, will allow an exchange between different cultures and different ways to face the unemployment issue and sustainable development, promoting the tollerance and the solidarity not only within the exchange but also of the native countries as multiplying effect. The music acts as a catalyst, as a stimulant and accelerating element of the informal learning process that, along with a workshop discussion, of confrontation and meditation activities, group activities and social cooperation, allows the young to learn from each other, developing, the creativity and autonomy concept, through the creation of musical compositions and songs, result of an emotional and practice experience acquired during the exchange. All this through activities based on learning by doing and brainstorming moments among them. The project will have surely a positive impact. - on the partecipants in terms of personal growth and employability as they will have been acquiring lasting competences, better exploitable on the labour's market, giving them the opportunity of finding work and improving their economical situation. They will have developed greater sense of tolerance and diversity comprehension. - on the partners as it will allow to potentiate the skills, capacities, knowledge and abilities, relatively to youth work useful both for the planning and the management of future projects that will ensure a strong impact on the young partecipants, and improve the knowledge and the comprehension of youth; the acquisition of new and better labor's methods to promote at best the non formal youth learning, gaining social, interpersonal and intercultural skills too, that will have positive effects on everyone's social and working life. - on the involved associations that will be able to widen their international collaboration enriching themselves with new experiences. Both the the leader and the partecipants will be stimulated to coordinate new exchanges. - on the target group that will be able to lean towards an intercultural dimension and compare itself with different situations, problems and issues, but substantially in common. They will be motivated to start an itinerary of national and international cooperation and become themselves promoters of initiatives addressed to the young. - on the little local comunity chosen as it will contribute to break down stereotypes, ignorance and distrust, stimulating the tollerance, the sharing, determining a first step towards the opening to the new, the mutual understanding and the intercultural dialogue construction, dissolving fear of the new and the diverse.

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