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Start date: Jan 4, 2016, End date: Jul 3, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the most affected groups by the recent economic crisis is youth, 30% of them are at risk of social exclusion. The current situation is so dramatic for impoverished youth that they have to be supported by their parents and grandparents. They are unemployed (or have a precarious employment), and they are unable to create their own family. The European youth unemployment rate is more than double that adult rate. More than 7.5 million of young people (they are in the age group between 15 and 24) are not in education system, they haven't a job and they are not seeking one. In some countries, such as Spain or Greece, these unemployment rates are much worse and reach levels above 50% of the young population.This situation has required the creation of many associations, especially those who works with fewer opportunities groups. They has taken responsibility to improve the social environment and quality of life of young people who are faring worse.These new entities have made a effort to fill the gaps of the welfare system, but often these associations are disoriented and they can't alleviate the basic needs of youth in all its areas and also claim for their rights.This it's a job that does not appear in the news or in the media, but is necessary for society to know that there are heroes who implement many initiatives to change and add value to their municipalities. Initiatives managed by young people that sometimes, either through ignorance or lack of experience, are disoriented and do not know well how to manage projects and implement their projects."We're super" is an initiative that seeks to value all that work done by young people and for young people through the creation of a European network to boost and strengthen the community impact of all associations that work in their regions. This project seeks to help them in any way necessary to enable them to have a profound impact on their young beneficiaries.For that reason, "We're super" aims to create a high-quality intellectual outcome endorsed and promoted by many local and regional governments: INTEGRAL SYSTEM FOR PROMOTION OF YOUTH ASSOCIATIONISM.This result will include:1. An innovative Web Application that enables economic, social and employment impact calculation of social entities in their region. This program standardize the criteria to measure their impact, obtained from rigorous study by educational and governmental authorities to help the public authorities better assess the return of aid given to the third sector.2. Platform "We're super" for the promotion and visibility of the associations and their projects across Europe. This platform will provide ICT and innovative tools that promote transparency and quality management processes and results of social entities.3. European guidelines and multimedia resources for the management of association, implementation of projects and know more about the taxation of youth associations.In addition to this intellectual result, this project will also enhance the visibility and communication of social associations, creating networks of multidisciplinary work and relations between entities, promotional organizations and technical experts promoting new projects of high quality and with greater social impact.For that, the new network will include 6 prestigious European organizations as Fundació Horta Sud (Spain), Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Gradiška (Croatia), Asociatia of Culture Tineret if Educatie "Speranta Ramniceana" (Romania), AKTO - Human Rights and Democracy (Portugal), Enlights Projects (UK) and Gia Evropaiki Diktio Politotita ke Taftotita (Cyprus). For 18 months they will held three international meetings and will prepare materials with collaboration of local governments, universities and hundreds of associations cooperating in the field of youth, that will ensure the impact, visibility and dissemination of results. It should be noted the support of the Directorate General of Participation of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Generalitat Jove-IVAJ. They will provide a real impact to the project.It is necessary for society to know that there are many initiatives to change and add value to their municipalities. To do that, a large multiplier event will be made at the end of the project. It will serve to publicize the results, but above all to enhance the visibility of all beneficiary organizations and to promote their dialogue with public authorities.In “We're Super” young people never get down, we know that our dreams are possible, we can improve our society and build the future. We have to promote the enthusiasm, good mood and solidarity.There are too many amazing people who can say: I'm Super.
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