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Start date: Mar 4, 2013,

The YE takes place in Vrnjacka Banja (Serbia) from the 28th of Jun till the 8th of Jul 2013. The YE will bring together 47 participants from 9 countries (RS, FR, MK, IT, BG, BA, AL, HR,TR).None society is non immune to social exclusion. Many people are exposed to the worst off because of skin color, gender, sexual orientation, age, language, religion, health, disability, education, financial status and other personal characteristics.The most common reasons for discrimination are stereotypes and prejudices, lack of information about social groups exposed to discrimination, fear of the unknown ...Discrimination leads to marginalization and social exclusion.This exchange is focused on the inclusion of young people (minorities and migrant) through performance.Performance is a tool strong enough to raise important social issues.The exchange aims to empower young people (minority and migrant) to use performance as a tool of social action; to discuss the problems and solutions concerning social exclusion and how to achieve equal opportunities for all young people.Taking part in this exchange will contribute to young people's personal development and might expand their professional opportunities, help them to set up learning and carrier goals. The groups will be composed of youth leaders and young people that experienced social exclusion or did not have equal opportunities as others. The project itself is meant to motivate young people into assuming an active role in bringing about changes in their own surroundings, and to inspire creative action so as to bring the issue of marginalization and exclusion to the attention of respective local communities. We think that it is very important that young people from minorities get involved in integration processes and youth organizations/youth workers can play a fundamental role in it, to push them to understand the role they should play as active citizens for their communities.
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