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We move (in) Europe - yesterday, today, tomorrow
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project "We move (in) Europe - yesterday, today and tomorrow" is focused on the connection between the influences from the past to the future, from theory to practice, from the own country to European wide thinking. Our basic topic is mobility and transport possibilities. We are small countryside schools and kindergartens from Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy. The project activities include children from the age of 3 to 15 years old and build bridges between kindergarten, primary, secondary and special needs school. We are all convinced and believe on the benefits in European ideas and sharing experiences. For this we open up a good working partnership for two new partners. The project aims are understanding technical development, inventions and their influence on our different countries evolution. We want to awaken children´s awareness of different transport - transport development over time. Why does it look different over time? Create an understanding of transport over time. We want them to understand the development of why it looks different in our different countries. Create an understanding that our countries have and have had various opportunities to develop transportation systems. This will arouse children´s technical creativity and get them to think innovatively about the future of transport with environmental perspective. We want them to think innovatively based on their acquired knowledge of the transport systems on historic and current conditions. We want them to learn about different countries needs and requirements with an environmental perspective. We want to connect our different stages of the project to our curriculum. By doing this, we create a whole in learning. Children learn in context and get an insight of technology and how technology affects us. With the project, we will connect knowledge to Europe and increase an understanding of different countries, different conditions. The children get the knowledge of various possibilities of transport and mobilities. They compare and exchange their results about how to move on ground, in air, on water in their local area in different time periods. Audio quizes, art works, theory searching, excursions and outdoor activities will be connected with the schools and kindergartens curriculum. Each year we organize a camp where pupils from each country take part. This gives them opportunity to get to know and practice different ways of traveling, movements and the differences in each countries circumstances and individual conditions. To inspire them for innovation thinking they can create and construct models for future mobility taking into account environmental and handicap problems. To show the results we will have different exhibitions, surveys, books, and a movie which shows the progress and success of the 3-year project. To develop a we-feeling we will have a website, song and logo for our project. For the camps the children will get a Camp t-shirt. With all our activities at each school and kindergarten and the common activities we prepare them to solve problems of languages, mobility, handicaps and future problems in Europe, for life long learning. We will build bridges between our countries and create an understanding that we need to work together to find the best and broadest solution with the aim to help our planet to survive. The school, kindergarten, parents and local area will get a closer connection to each other. These will give effects for new tasks and better ideas for open minded thinking for education and mobility. With our 3 year project we would like the find answers for question of inclusion and integration in school/kindergarten and everyday life in our own conditions.
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