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We have an EChO
Start date: Mar 15, 2016, End date: Oct 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "We have an Echo" project is a Youth Exchange scheduled to take place in Sighisoara, in May next year. It will have 30 participants, from 6 countries, that will spend together 12 days.The action aims to help young people take action in the community to which they belong, particularly in the field of ecology, developing necessary skills. We focus on young people who are motivated to make a change and need help in this endeavor. Talking with them we formulated these main needs which we will try to solve through our action:to make a changethe desire to be heardto understand how they can help the environmentto learn more about ecology, recyclingto discuss controversial issues such as global warmingto learn how other young people think in other countriesStarting from this mission we have formulated these following objectives:During the 3 months of the project, the 30 participants will:1. Improving the knowledge of the steps you need to follow to produce a change, methods of surveying the public opinion, non-formal methods to capture public attention, as well as ecology, recycling and the footprint we leave on the environment.2. Developing research skills (Venn diagram, writing and applying questionnaires), communication with stakeholders, providing information (especially related to ecology) to produce a change, the introduction of non-formal methods and artistic skills (environmental art).3. Developing attitudes of community involvement, of concern for the environment, of social responsibility. They will be more motivated to produce a change and initiate or engage in volunteering, especially in eco actions.Also with the helpof young people from our association, we have chosen the most suitable activities and non-formal methods. They have contributed in making this project an enjoyable program and also effective in achieving goals. We will work a lot in teams, we will involve the community and authorities in Sighisoara and we will visit schools, promote many types of eco actions (Photo Voice, Environmental Art, cleaning actions). In addition, participants will have the opportunity to plan and implement small actions that they themselves will initiate starting from the needs uncovered in the community.As a result of these activities, the impact and results on the participants will likely help them have the confidence and tools needed to identify the needs of their community and to propose concrete actions to address them. Thus they will develop a civic spirit, self-confidence and a general eco behavior. Besides that, they will realize the European dimension of these problems and be more open to intercultural communication.On the long-run participants will raise awareness in the communities they belong to on environmental issues; they will initiate an intercultural dialog and be more active as volunteers and in the Erasmus+ actions.

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