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We do it, so they will do !
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project consists in organizing a youth meeting of leaders seminar in France, Germany and Norway to develop and facilitate the implementation of European youth exchanges and particularly for young people with fewer opportunities.This meeting will take place in national sorting center Blossin youth and training in the Land Brandenburg of Germany (45 minutes of Berlin), the week 5 to 9 of december 2016.The idea of this project is based on common observations made by youth workers in each of the three territories of the partner organizations about barriers to organizing mobility action with young people with fewer opportunities:• Their own overseas travel inexperience (being themselves from these territories)• Their lack of professional tools in terms of intercultural practices• Their lack of European partners.• Difficulty in mobilizing young people with fewer opportunities on medium / long-term projects. These enrolling more easily on very short projections due to the pressure exerted by social, family they can live.Thus, it appeared that the first step to enable young people with fewer opportunities to live a European exchange must absolutely go through an action of experimentation and training for youth leaders.Hence the title of the project: We do it, so They Will do!The objectives of the mobility project for youth workers, beyond allowing them to live their own experience of a European exchange, are the following:• actors Meet youth from France, Germany and Norway involved in the territories and to young people with fewer opportunities• Trade and discoveries of teaching methods for participation and youth engagement on medium-term projects.• Understanding of socio-cultural realities of the youth in general and young people accompanied by youth workers each partner to see what is common and what is unique to each country.• Training on proper principles and methods of animation to intercultural encountersIn terms of participants, balance between countries in terms of number of participants, will be searched to the maximum by each party. Thus, each partner will mobilize up to 10.Participants will be selected based on various criteria:• The parity among participants working in urban areas with young people experiencing educational, social and economic difficulties and those working in rural areas with young people with little mobility opportunities• Inexperience in implementation with youth projects with a European dimension. It is indeed to promote the idea of ​​European projects with uninitiated youth workerso male / female parityThe program of activities will be divided as follows through time:• Presentation time the realities of intervention by a group of participants from each partner country in terms of non-formal education in particular among young people with fewer opportunities. According to the teaching methods that have been prepared beforehand.• Working common definition of the concept of inclusion and young people with fewer opportunities• Exchange of practices in terms of youth docking procedures, types of projects and activities with young people as with red thread the issue of youth engagement• Discovery, experimentation methods of pedagogy of the exchange, working around the dynamics of a group to promote the greatest possible participation of youth• Construction of approaches and tools promoting this type of experience youth friendly• Visit of 2 youth care centers in Berlin and Blossin• Time konvertor around d'échanges of ideas of projects between young participantsThese activities will be provided by the participants themselves. They have been working during preparatory meetings held in advance in each of the partner countries. In addition, to allow the expression of each participant, two translators (French-German and German-Norwegian) will be on the formal time of the seminar.Finally, the desired impacts in each of the partner organizations the development of European youth exchanges, the dissemination of European culture among young people, experimentation practices implemented in partner structures.In order to best prepare the dating seminar , to finalize the work program features activities involved with participants are in each partner country , the three coordinators organize a preparatory site visit in late August 2016 Blossin

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