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We can do it: On the way to Social Entrepreneurship
Start date: Mar 10, 2016, End date: Apr 9, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ''We can do it: On the way to Social Entrepreneurship'' is a shared project idea among partner organizations and came up as a result of several months discussions between partner organizations and analysis of results and impact from other TC under YiA and E+. In a more specific context addresses the needs of youth workers (both genders, 20 years+, some pf them face fewer opportunities). These youth workers of partner organizations (Estonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, Malta, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania) mention quite often the need to be more developed in professional and personal level in order to be more effective in facing demands within their life and working field. Therefore we designed this project to foster the development of our youthworkers for being further competent on implementing inclusive practices and understand (and support he implementation) further the social entrepreneurship.In micro level through this project we want to provide means, methods, examples, practices and share ideas through joyful learning using non formal approaches in order to empower the youth workers with the development of their basic key competences and with the increase of their repertoire of practices. In macrolevel we seek for enhancing youthworkers acquiring tools and means in order to facilitate them to:-empower the implementation of successful practices for supporting, social inclusion and social entrepreneurship that are necessary within their organization;-promote Social Equity whenever is needed and-assist youngsters within their society to turn into more persistent in building their future and supporting their community in the framework of innovation and entrepreneurship.So,we have decided that it would be a good start for supporting our youthworkers to implement a 13 months project and deliver an 8 days TC (with 22 participants, in Larnaca,Cyprus 13-22/8/16) in order to propose and share ideas and solutions to the identified problem. The title we selected "We can do it: on the way to entrepreneurship" indicates that through partners' collaboration, all participants can succeed to self-development and find their way and motive, through NFL, to start turning themselves into social entrepreneurs. Our project managers and trainers will:- implement tools and methods basically from NFL (like simulations, debriefing, case studies, Role Plays, debates,, reflection etc). Specifically, in the group work we will use methods that energise and motivate everyone. Moreover we will implement outdoor activities such as exploring/investigating in order to facilitate the motivation and flash mob making.- promote visibility, dissemination and sustainability of the results with all partner organizations;- bring and establish a stable and fruitful impact to the participants, to their organizations, to local, regional and wider LLL Society.The concept behind the structuring of the project is based on Instructional Scaffolding, therefore all of the objectives were set according to the needs of the participants in accordance to project managers expertise. Objectives:During and by the end of the 13 months period of the project we aim to assist our youthworkers:1. To increase awareness on social inclusion and equity;2. To increase awareness on and experience the importance of non formal learning as a tool for enhancing social inclusion;3. To improve and develop basic key competences (social, digital, L2L-SDL, languages, reflection) for their personal and professional development;4. To share and suggest successful practices of non formal methods for developing social entrepreneurial skills;5. To help participants to be more aware of, and discuss the value of Erasmus +: Youth program;6. To help participants acquire high-quality Youthpass Certificates;7. To create new future cooperation and increase the visibility of the results of Erasmus+;The expected impact on participants:We expect more openness in the attitude of the participants that will help them to understand their status of living and thinking in a more complex way, how they can improve their opportunities they have as youthworkers. They will also develop their competence on social skills, learning to learn-SDL, and Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Main focus is to realize how they can link and combine these for turning themselves (or motivating their youngsters) into social entrepreneurs.The expected impact for participating organizations is that they will reform and improve their policy and practice regarding the themes of the project. Moreover, participating organizations might prepared more projects under E+.Moreover, local communities to open themselves to the rest of the world disseminating any effort they are doing regarding the topic of social entrepreneurship and social inclusion.Project outcomes and results: Youthpass for pax, motivational video, related weblog, small scale local TCs, articles in Press, etc.
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