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We are what we eat

MULTILATERAL COMENIUS PROJECT 2008-2010Titel: WE ARE WHAT WE EATEating is one of our necessities of life, which influence our existence. Since we live in a transforming world, cultural influences of food, socializing factors of eating, methods of food processing and somatic effects have been changing ever since.The participating schools have already worked together in school partnerships for some years.In our project "WE ARE WHAT WE EAT" we would like pupils to understand that eating is like a "mirror" of themselves.During the time of the project, we will have a special focus on 5 themes:1. Developing helpful tools around food for to use with mobil phones2. Food in the past and present3. Socializing food factors and Cultural influences4. Effects of food on your body5. Food processingSome of the common aims of this multilateral projects are:a) to make pupils aware of a European conscience learning about lost food and traditions that have survived in each country having food as the leading threadb) to consider the different effects food may have on their bodiesc) to learn about globalisation of food in a European contextd) to find the best strategies for the personal, social and cultural growth of the pupilse) to provide young people with helpful mobile phone software supporting them in their daily selection of food. For example, let them develop a useful mobile food lexicon.d) to appreciate and share information on a website
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