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We are the world, we are the children
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 21st century brought a lot of disagreement among generations. Diverse generations see the same things differently as a result of generation gap. It is a considered opinion that the youth will not be strong enough for challenges and struggle for human values. The concept of the project – to search for the stories of success how children changed the world in the history of nation; saved people, weren’t lost in extreme situations, protected and struggled for human values. Working on this project, we have an intention to inspire the students - our rising generation - to act presently and change the world today; despite of, a young age, nation, race, social status, beliefs, and influence of other circumstances. The substance of the project – to prove a self-realization in acquiring and improving social, linguistic, communicative, cognitive, initiative and creative, cultural, individual competences and skills. Acquiring these competences, students will develop their attitudes towards values, will become more tolerant to history, other generation, will be open to other cultures and views, will develop self-confidence and trust to others. We hope our project partners will be active in creation strong Europe, in the aspect of collaboration, communication, mutual respect and appreciation. Participating members from a Partner Country while working on this project will search for historical facts in their region about the young people’s accomplished achievements that changed their life or someone else’s life as well. The collected stories will be conveyed using various modern expressions of art, forms appealing to young people such as street dances, theatre, music, art, IT. The project partners will create a project website, communicate using Skype program, send e-mails, collaborate in a virtual space Edmodo while using online TV programmes. The stand “Living history” will be made in each partnership school where the material of the project is displayed and added constantly. Students, supervised by teachers from each project partner school, will prepare the presentations of the collected stories, and they will be conveyed using various modern expressions of art. They will produce the educational-methodical e-book “Children also can change the world”. The teachers of History, Native language, Ethics, Art of all countries will publish lesson plans, lesson handouts and methodological recommendations in the e-book. The educational-methodical e-book “Children also can change the world” will be produced in project partners’ Native language and English. The project partners will produce a collective DVD with captions in English which includes presentations of stories collected during the project. The lessons of History, Native language, Ethics, English, Art and other activities (educational activities, creative workshops) will be organized during Learning/Teaching/Training events. Students will participate in forums, discussions, meetings with social partners, will cooperate in creation common projects, and present them. Teachers will conduct and participate in seminars and final conference. Moreover, students who have learning difficulties and experience social isolation, live in child caring institutions, have behavior problems will be involved in the project activities. It will be useful in acquiring new language and IT skills, new methodology and experience in the open lessons. The experience will be useful in our later work for integration the European dimension in the school curriculum. The lessons, workshops done during the meetings is the practice for students to act positively, change their worldview, form moral values, enrich historical memory. The project also resulted with the knowledge of tolerance towards other culture, generation, students who eperience social isolation, its beliefs, traditions and social differences breaking stereotyped conceptions as well as distinguishing the similarities of partner countries.
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