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We are the readers ( reading literacy)
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Bishop Grammar School took place in the competition Grab the Reader organised by Prague Post Endowment and Macmillan publishing house in the first half of 2015 and among 70 competitors won 120 bridged English books written by English authors. In November 2015 English Library was opened at the Bishop Grammar School. The school has bought other 180 issues of bridged books in sets for classes.The English Library has almost 300 bridged books in all levels, 50 Oxford Study Dictionaries and English reference books of realia, grammar and Cambridge Exams KET, PET and FCE and English magazines, so it is necessary to work with books and other kinds of literature systematically in the cooperation of English and Czech language departments and the management of the school. Systematically we would develop students´ reading literacy to get it to a higher level in the field of quality and quantity in the lessons of English and Czech. The project supports the development of language competences and reading literacy by regular work in English and Czech lessons, special project works e.g. The Day with an English Book, interesting events e.g. drama work at school, The Day with Shakespeare and by meetings with interesting persons and last but not least by individual reading. The inspiration for this project was taken from the visit of English literature lessons in Marlwood Comprehensive School in Alveston, which we visited within the project Comenius in 1996 and lectures at the language school English in Margate during a private language course in 2015 became the second inspiration.The aim of the project is to know the English educational system and get experience concerning the reading literacy development in the cradle of English literature and use the examples of interesting lessons in the School Educational Programme of the Bishop Grammar School. Students will be offered to read English books in their free time too and we hope that we will support to study Czech and English literature. We will use students´ knowledge, experience and ability in the form of their presentations, team work, or seminar works. We will cooperate with other subjects i.e. history, art, geography or music so that we could connect these subjects with English language and English literature. We will support the motivation to read among pupils and students generally.The important aspect of this project is the increase of interest, motivation and knowledge of Czech and English language teachers who will realize the project in English and Czech lessons with CLIL method, in different school projects and events. The project should support the link between the knowledge and skills of different subjects in English language. Interesting and non traditional work with English books can motivate interests in reading among pupils and students generally, too.The awarness of reading is the important gate to get other knowledge and skills in todays´ technical world.
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