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We are the champions
Start date: May 7, 2015, End date: Oct 6, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of the international youth exchange project „We are the champions” is meeting and integration of young people representing five Central-European countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia), in particular young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goal is to establish direct, interpersonal relationships and make the young people familiar with the culture, tradition and customs of our projects countries, through joint activities in the international environment. The MOST IMPORTANT GOAL of the project is to develop and deepen the key competencies of young people, especially competence in the field of initiative and entrepreneurship. This will be expressed in non-formal education of young people in the field of entrepreneurship and labor market mechanisms. Other objectives of our project activities are: • Development of other key competencies of young people, including social competence, communication skills in foreign languages, mathematical competence, informatics competencies and learning skills • Overcoming mental barriers, stereotypes and prejudices concerning our nations anchored in our societies • Developing the openness for the other people, the increase of tolerance, overcoming prejudices towards foreigners • Getting young people new skills and experience through the active participation of non-formal education (intercultural communication, language animation, integrations and culture evenings). • Transfer of knowledge, skills and experience between participants • Effective interpersonal communication and fun in an intercultural group • Establish contacts and friendships between international participants • Popularization of youth exchange realized with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme. Direct participants in the project activities "We are the champions" are young people representing five youth NGOs from Central-European countries forming the project partnership. These are people aged 17-25 years, accompanied by leaders and the project coordinator. Project participants are especially young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. • The total duration of the project: 07.05.- 07.10.2015 • Preparatory visit (APV): 29-31.05.2015 • Term of the Meeting: 27.06.-05.07.2015 • Location of activities: Youth Education Centre Motycz Lesny near Lublin. The methods of our project work: • Simulation game Youth Entrepreneurship Exchange • Games and integration activities carried out in international groups • Intercultural communication and animations run by young people themselves • International task groups implementing common goals and tasks • Cultural evenings conducted by the participants themselves • Outdoor simulation game as an active form of cultural knowledge of the region. • Presentation of the Erasmus+ Programme • Presentation of analyzes of the labor market developed by young people • Active monitoring and evaluation carried out by young people The main language of communication is English. However, the basic expressions in other languages shall also play a very important role; they will facilitate the communication between the participants in the situations of everyday life. Besides, they will also constitute a crucial element of the integration of the young people and help them to establish international acquaintances. The most important effects of the project are the following: • Acquiring and deepening of the most important key competences of young people, including an increase in the level of knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship • Familiar with the mechanisms of the labor market and the principles of entrepreneurship • Eliminate barriers to communication. The increase competences in foreign languages. • Social and cultural education of the youth • Increasing the level of openness and tolerance to the other, eliminating mutual prejudices. • The development and transfer of knowledge, skills and experience • Establishing contacts and friendship with other participants • popularization of youth exchange realized with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme In the long term will increase the potential of young people in the labor market which will result in an increase in employment opportunities and better career perspective, especially for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The implementation of our methods (know how) by other organizations and youth groups will increase activity levels of young people in the labor market.
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