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We are one world
Start date: May 15, 2015, End date: Dec 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The youth exchange “We are one world” was held between 6-15 November 2015 in Lviv, Ukraine. Lviv city is located in the Western part of the country a thousand kilometers from the conflict zone. It is peaceful and quiet city with ancient history and gorgeous architecture. The youth exchange brought together 36 participants and 9 group leaders from 9 EU and neighbouring countries: Italy, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Georgia, Macedonia, Spain, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. The main theme of the youth exchange was focused on raising awareness of the realities and possibilities for more tolerant, understanding and accepting society. Key concepts which were explored in the youth exchange were: analyzing the phenomenon of stereotypes, prejudices and factors which influence it, discrimination, empowerment, youth participation versus apathy behavior, active citizenship, local institutions and role of NGO-s, EU and local strategy against social exclusion, attitudes towards target groups in need, taking action. Participants learnt new information, they had space for discussion, debates, sharing and learning new tools how to facilitate the work with youngsters who suffer social exclusion. The youth exchange was using the non-formal education methodology which is based on open and interactive approaches and directly aiming at creating a safe learning environment for the participants, that would be suitable for the development and gaining of new skills, competencies and attitudes and also contribute to social and personal development. As the result of the YE cultural promotional videos were created. The objectives of the youth exchange were: - to promote culture of peace, tolerant, understanding and accepting society; - to encourage the one’s personal growth, positive interaction, social inclusion and active participation of young people from different social backgrounds by involving them in a youth exchange that will develop their key competences; - to raise awareness about the importance of building tolerant society and motivate youngsters to promote the idea of peace education and intercultural learning; - to give knowledge about cultural diversity in a European context; - to promote the main EU values and cooperation under the Erasmus+ scheme; - to create a video cultural ad for share objectives and outcomes of the youth exchange by providing an easy-to-understand, informative and enjoyable summary in a popular and innovative format; - to develop non-formal and informal learning skills; - to overcoming the fear of cross-cultural communication.

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