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We are on the same shoot
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Society’s reality, our views on the world and our understanding of others are more and more influenced by the images media is producing. Our daily lives are downright flooded by those images who play an important role in constructing our ways of thinking and concepts of living. Even the more important it seems that the media landscape is formed democratically and features a wide range of diverse media producers who offer a variety of different approaches and perspectives. To enhance this heterogeneity of media productions, the Berlin based Roma Association RomaTrial e.V. and the Prizren basen Roma Association Durmish Aslano in cooperation with Europe’s largest selfgoverned filmschool filmArche Berlin is organizing the project "We are on the same shoot!" - strengthening the film production from young people up to 30 years with Roma and non-Roma background. The aim is to connect ongoing filmmakers, Roma and Non-Roma alike, from two culturally, historically as well as politically different places – Berlin/ Germany and Prizren/Kosovo, and to initiate a continuous exchange. The participants get the chance to increase their knowledge and competence in field of documentary and fictional filmwork and to enable them to get in contact with professionals and the film market. A special concern of the project is to actively encourage young Roma and Romanija, according to the principle „explicit but not exclusiv“, through the extensive network of RomaTrial e.V., Durmish Aslano and the International Romani Film Commission, to participate in order to counteract the under-representation of the medial voice of this minority. The concept of a two-way exchange in the form of intensive 10-day film-workshops in the respective countries is promoting an intensive interaction with the living conditions and social everyday realities of the other participants and is therefore helping to develop more understanding and sensitization for ethnic, religious and social differences. During the stays in Prizren and Berlin, the youth groups take part in workshops, lectures and discussions about the basics of development and production of fictional and documentary films, in seminars about project and culture management as well as in practical shooting and postproduction exercises. Furthermore there will be intercultural trainings with a special focus on the historical and nowadays situation of Roma (Sinti, Egyptians, Ashkali) in both countries and on the anticiganism. Die hosting youngsters will also prepare a non-formal part of getting know the topics, which are relevant for their country (history, culture, media landscape) and contribute to the solidarity within the group. To ensure a direct contact to a professional environment and the film market, the both youth exchanges are partly going to take place during international documentary film festivals: on 03. - 13. August 2015 during the DokuFest in Prizren and on 26. October – 05. November 2015 during the FilmFestival in Berlin/Cottbus. The view on the "backstage" as well as the personal meetings with professional role models enable the direct contact with the prospective profession, the first exchange and maybe the first cooperations with film colleagues, which is inspiring and motivating for further studying. The project is aiming for a stable, long-term cooperation between the partners in Kosovo and in Germany, enabling following projects and different forms of cooperation, a stable transfer of knowledge and experience in the field of transmitting know-how, of selft presentation, project management, intercultural topics and education of young film makers.

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