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We are on air ( Cisza-nagranie )
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "We are on air" will be attended by 42 young people between the age of 16-19 from Poland and Italy. Participants will be both , hearing and deaf without speech. Main goal of the project is to integrate the deaf and hearing youth at the level of the common multimedia classes. The project's aim is to show that hearing and deaf people can cooperate successfully together and create valuable multimedia messages. Week long media workshops will help participants in the acceptance of their image, self-control their stage fright, body language, which is important in dealing with public speeches and very valuable in certain situations, for example, while applying for a job. The project will consist of practical classes, such as, excercises in front and behind the video camera. These classes will be interspersed with short lectures, demonstrations, brainstorms and other various methods of active training. An important element of the project is the integration of deaf and hearing people, which will be based on various forms of expression suited to the age of the participants. Participation in the project will enable young people to find common interests, show their own world through the lens of the video camera. Youth will learn also that the sign language is not equivalent to the phonetic language and is different in every country. Thanks to the project youth will come close to each other, establish friendships. Friendships that will be supported after the project by modern technology , multimedia messages via Internet. The final outcome of the project will be a video created by the participants in which a week of international activities connected with the media will be presented. Immense result of the project will be the increase of self-confidence among participants, as well as the rise of their openness to "otherness" in terms of culture and communication. The project will contribute to the increase of tolerance for differences and acceptance of the features that make people from distant countries and cultures different. Participants will also find common attributes among both, hearing and deaf people, they will learn how to look at the surrounding world withouth stereotypes. Youth will also learn how to consciously use modern technology. Participants will look at the surrounding world through the lens of camera, and they will understand that some messages are valuable regardless of differences in verbal and nonverbal communication. The exchange activities will take place between 1st - 9th of October, 2016 in Biały Dunajec

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