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Start date: 01 Sep 2013,

The Universidade de Vigo has a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence since 2006, and obtained a renewal in 2012.This JEA centre includes an Ad personam Chair, a Chair, and eleven modules, thus a well qualified teaching staff in European integration issues. According to the results of the Eurobarometer, the level of trust in European institutions and the general perception of the EU as a whole has steadily worsened in recent years in Spain. Although it is always appropriate to approach the critical idea of European integration, it is even more necessary to perform this task at present; our aim is to develop innovative educational material in order to reach a target audience as numerous as possible. A useful way to approach new generations is through ICTs and comics in different formats (photo-comic, interactive videogame, etc.). The development of this educational material will be performed, not only by teaching staff specialised in European integration studies, but also by pedagogues, fine artists and media analysts. Nevertheless, following a constructivist methodological approach, we consider the involvement of students and teachers from schools to be crucial in the development of the material, as they will provide their preconceptions about the European Union and test the outputs of the project. Due to the importance of promoting multilingualism among the countries in the European Union, we have decided to elaborate the material in Spanish, Galician & English. Students will use it in Galicia and thanks to the English version it will be very useful for other territories of the European Union. Finally, apart from the 12 schools that actively participate in the project, we have the commitment of the regional government of Galicia to share the material with a potential broader audience, which includes all teachers and students at the level of primary and secondary education in the autonomous region of Galicia, through the government’s educational platform.
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