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Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Mar 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The entire project will put a lot of emphasis on the key competence “learning to learn”, as mentioned before the whole project is meant to bring out the importance of the youthpass regarding self-learning recognition and learning organization. Participants will go through Youthpass as a program session within Erasmus +, about self-assessment and competence development, common understanding in the team about learning, outside the Erasmus + as a tool for supporting young people employability. Groups will gain theoretical input and practical advice on how to use such tool, explore the key competencies, exchange/share activities, methods and sessions addressed at organizing/recognizing your own learning, build up new activities. The training will stimulate the participants to better understand group dynamics and teamwork; this will contribute to raise the level of social abilities, especially while dealing with social issues and conflicts which may arise in international projects as well as at local level. Participants will gain a wider sense of what is considered social, getting acquainted with different realities across Europe. The hosting team will play an important role in stimulating such competences, especially into informal settings and while working for the activities. The activities will enable participants to better understand their role inside their organizations as well as in their local environments. As they are already supposed to be actively engaged into youth work, we expect to identify details and features related to the concept of “social”. To come across different realities, with local issues and conflicts, will shape the mind of the participants. Similarities and differences will come to light, followed by ideas and debates which participants should be able to elaborate and reproduce for their needs. In the same way as mentioned earlier about the key competence “learning to learn”, the activities will focus particularly on boosting the sense of initiative of the participants. The activities will stress the ability to turn ideas into actions, with special attention towards projects/actions which might support entrepreneurship, self-employment or youth employability. Through the activities, everyone will be more conscious regarding his/her learning needs in prospect of self-development, regardless which area or field you work in. Last but not least, the overall training will give the chance to go deeper in our cultural roots as well as build up a bridge with other cultures. As recognized into the iceberg model, we might just have a look at the superficial aspects which compose a culture which is particularly visible during a short period of time. Anyway participants will be inspired to discover more about it, or they will even get acquainted with different ways of doing things. Training and networking of youth workers - Partner Countries Number of participants: 26 Number of staff: 2 Number of trainers:2 Specific goals are: - To familiarize participants with the concept of Youth Pass as an educational program and its possibilities within and on the outside of Erasmus + - To explore the 8 key competences - To develop participant’s competences in planning NFE and intercultural learning with particular attention on building structured learning processes - To set up strategies for the better recognition of youth work and non – formal education - To share tools and methods in order to support young people self-learning and self-assessment
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