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WE ARE B.E.S.T. – We Are Building Employability, Skills and Tools
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Apr 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cultural, technological, social and economic changes, that have characterized European Countries during the last decade, have also led to a new way of approaching life and its various spheres. Among these, the working sphere is one on which the changes mentioned above have had a great effect, making labour market much more competitive and the construction of youth career as a complicated and difficult path. And, in fact, for facing new social and economic dynamics young people accept daily challenges, switching during their entire career, a significant number of professions off. "WE ARE B.E.S.T. - We Are Building Employability Skills and Tools " was a TC designed for youth workers and people who work with and for young people, to let youth workers develop and empower methods to support youth creativity as an essential skill to compete in the labour market. "Gnoti Sauton," know yoursself, as Socrates preached, because man, conscious of his own limits and facing his own truth, was to succeed in better living. Consequently, applying the teachings of the philosopher of Athens to the TC, we ensured that the participants could get tools for helping young jobseekers to fathom between their skills and aspirations, because "knowing themselves better "could engage in searching, from a business and professional point of view, which is in line with their abilities, which can gratify and satisfy them for having a better life. According to this, we offered to participants the "best"learning, as project title says, in terms of employability, skills and tools, in order to offer it to local communities. The project, which took place in Sicily in Nicolosi , a small town at the foot of Etna Volcano, had great impact on participants' opportunity to reflect on the new dynamics that characterize the link “young people – labour market” in Europe and it provided them skills and tools to approach to it with self-confidence and creativity, so that it may be in its many opportunities. According to this, TC main objective was to help young people to fathom between their skills in order to improve them, define them for increasing their chances of success in a very dynamic labour market. The project involved 34 participants from 17 partner organizations (Italy, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania e Poland)and, of course, many other local young people attracted by the initiative and by project challenging activities. The presence of partner organizations from different Countries offered the opportunity to better understand the reality of youth employment in Europe. According to this, non-formal education methods , such as role playing, simulations, group work were used as an approach and a solution to prepare youth to labour market in a creative way, to improve their personal competence as an added value and instill a sense of entrepreneurship, allowing young people to achieve their goals and to become responsible in job seeking , in order to fight against a new form of social exclusion determined by the growing youth unemployment. NFL was TC common thread, since there was daily reflection groups , led by trainers , in order to achieve feedback every day and monitor any situations of conflict that participants may encounter, looking to fix them. There was also a mid-term evaluation, since participants could express their points of view and their needs and in turn trainers and ArciStrauss staff could, in according to participants feedback, alter or adapt the final part of the TC , in order to meet the requests of participants. At the end of the project, participants were asked to fill out a final evaluation. A project of this range, that required efforts , could be based on a well-established partnership . This is the motor drive on which we relied to ensure the success of the initiative. Our partnership and daily contacts entertained among the leaders of the various organizations, ensured the project a strong impact on the communities involved, dissemination of the project results and an effective follow-up, sustainable over time .
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