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Start date: May 18, 2016, End date: Nov 17, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Immigration is a huge and complex phenomenon, capable of changing the face of a company. Whether for better or for worse, it's up to us to decide. The "phenomenon" immigration, in fact, has significant implications for economic, social, cultural, public policy.Any discussion on this issue, however, can not be a cold comparison of costs and benefits. We must never forget that the "phenomenon" Immigration is done by ... immigrants: men in the flesh, with their stories, their hopes, their fears and weaknesses, their rights.The EU has as its main task to unite the people, to get them to talk and work together to build a better future. The goal is to educate young people to become European citizens are able to participate in political life, to the development and construction of a democratic, tolerant and more united.In the European Union live almost 31 million foreigners. A third of these are citizens of an EU Member State, the other 20 million instead come from non-EU countries of Europe (6 million), Africa (4.7 million), Asia (3.7 million) and the Americas (3.2 million). In total, foreign nationals accounted for 6.2% of the total population of the European Union.Despite the passage of more than two decades by the Maastricht Treaty and despite the diffusion of the European message, through entities, events, activities and events will be spread throughout the mainland, even today, there are still areas that lack some awareness and awareness of European citizenship and everything that involves being European citizens.The Puglia is one of those places that for various reasons it denotes insufficient knowledge of Europe and of the rights of European citizens. In many cases in this area European messages through the structural funds and the experiences of the Erasmus university students. In many cases lack the knowledge of the many opportunities that the EU provides and the sense of active participation towards European citizenship. Those rights that every citizen shall enjoy anywhere Union.Through this project we intend to promote a sense of active citizenship of young people focusing it towards the issues of European awareness of the importance of democracy and the role of young people in this context.Supporting young people to be more sensitive to European citizenship, democracy and active citizenship then means, especially for some areas in which the influence of crime or political corruption is high, supporting young people to legality.In this project they take part different national groups: LITHUANIA, HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA, GREECE, ITALY, ROMANIA, TURKEY. These groups are not only cultural differences but also different relations to the EU.Following this the children of these countries have different views towards other countries and the sense of EU citizenship.The project will take place March 21 to 26 2016 Ortelle, a small town in the province of Lecce.The project provides participants with the opportunity to acquire and expand knowledge about the European Union, discover similarities and differences with different cultures that will enrich their mental baggage. The methodology of intercultural learning will encourage kids to have an open attitude towards diversity, the participants will have a different way to approach towards stereotypes and develop the ability to deal with diversity. It will give ample space to the European dimension and intercultural, to give the kids a sense of openness to other cultures for contamination and constructive dialogue.The working method used will be non-formal, through the practice of "learning by doing". Young people will play simulation games, practical activities, interaction with the local community, discussions, practical action. The topics require not only the formal knowledge, but also reflection on values ​​and attitudes, non-formal education will be used in an informal and multicultural.Project activities have been regulated so that there is a path that starts from the daily fluid propensity for participation until reaching the focus of the topics covered during the day.The structure of each day is established through a scan of the activities interconnected with each other.
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